Mix and Match Your Plaids

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What is the first thing you notice in this photo? Yes, you can mix and match your plaids.


This table has lush layers of greenery to soften all the bold red and black. It makes the table cozier and very inviting.


It’s always a good idea to repeat certain elements. Can you find my repeated elements?


1. The same metal of the lanterns and the tiered tray give a unified look.

2. I also repeated the ‘glass’ Christmas trees. One was placed on each plate (they also make great guest ‘give-aways’) and one was placed on the tray for continuity. They were only $1.25 each at the dollar store but they look stunning with the sunlight shining through them. They would have the same affect inside with twinkle lights or candles.

3. The solid black colour was repeated in the plates and the black leather napkin rings. You need to have at least one solid colour to ground the table when there are multiple patterns.

4. Red, black, white and green were used in different ways throughout the table but it works since they are all tied together.

5. Pinecones were scattered around the table. These are perfect since they were free and very natural looking. Some were dipped in white paint.

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Notice how the table is balanced because there are many different height levels? If the trees weren’t on the plates, the lanterns and the tiered tray would have looked too tall. Now, there is symmetry.


When you’re setting your table, keep taking a step back and look at the table from all angles. What does it look like when you’re sitting down? What does it look like as you enter the room? Is there a balance in the colour, texture and heights?

I look at setting a table with the same principals as I do when I’m decorating a room. People says I make it look so easy. Trust, me I experiment, I arrange and rearrange all the time. That is the fun of it. The key is not to try to set an important table setting in a rush. Setting an inviting and comfortable table is a great way to give you and your guests a memorable ‘experience’.


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