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Let me give you a little background on this project. My guest room suddenly had to do double-duty as my guest room (which no one is sleeping in these days) as well as my home office when COVID started. My office used to be racing from client to client in my van. Once my business pivoted to everything online, I realized I needed to make this space more functional with the ever changing needs. I needed a larger desk, two monitors, a microphone, a ring light etc. etc. etc. I am in it for abut 10-12 hours minimum so I had to really feel happy in the room. It’s not surprising that in my profession I am affected by my environment. 🙂

face 2

If you were to walk into this room you would ask “why did you choose the wall on the left to wallpaper since it’s not the feature wall of the room at all.” That would be a very good question. What you’re not seeing is the my desk is beside the bed and the wallpapered wall is the back-drop behind me for my zoom, webinars and Facetime calls.


Peel & Stick Wallpaper

I spend most of my day on either Facetime, Zoom Calls or I am hosting webinars. I wanted something behind me that would be subtle, yet still interesting. The solid painted white wall was not working for me. I picked up a couple rolls of Peel & Stick wall paper to see what they would look like.


The brick pattern was way too bold since the wall isn’t very far behind me. I didn’t want clients to get distracted. However, I really did like the concept of a brick. It would be lovely in a larger room. I wanted the background to still fit in with my other decor on the other side of the room.

The gold and white geometric paper was wild once it was out of the box. The bright ring light really made the gold look way too shiny. It did not look shiny in the box! That is why you need to try things in your space with the lighting etc.

I looked online until I found a more subtle brick pattern. This one was from Home Depot call ‘White Stucco.’ It is only sold online. Once I compared it to the initial brick pattern I was much happier for my small space.


My husband and I followed the directions to the tee. The hardest part was doing the first roll since it had to follow the straight plumb line that we had marked on the wall, which didn’t necessarily match up to the corner wall. Ahh, the joys of living in an older home.


After hanging two strips something was really bothering me and I couldn’t figure it out but I knew it wasn’t right. After staring at if from a further distance for a while I realized it was upside down even though we followed the instructions. If you look a the strip on the left, the darker lines above the brick are really supposed to be the shadows under the brick. See how different the strip on the right looks? I googled to see what I had done wrong and many papers are rolled upside down so you really need to look at the pattern and sometimes, like us, unroll the complete roll first. I was not impressed with that.


I tried to live with the first two strips upside down for a few days but it drove me crazy, even if no one else would notice. I was shocked and delighted that I was able to simply peel it off and carefully rehang the paper without any trouble. The key is to not let the sticky sides touch each other. I wouldn’t suggest doing it unless you have a situation like mine lol. It’s so realistic, I kept thinking there were bubbles but it was just the illusion. It was easy to line up the seams since we were always making sure the paper was against our plumb lines. We don’t have one bubble. Yahoo!

oiujh 2

Now I have a very soft and subtle background for my calls. I didn’t want anything distracting and anything that would clash with my clothes.

Switch Up My Decor

I am ALWAYS changing the decor in this room since I like to experiment with different textures and colours. This is my latest combo. I’m obsessed with the oversized tassels.

All in all, I would highly suggest trying Peel & Stick wallpaper to anyone who wants to give a quick freshen up. There are so many different styles and colours to choose from. I suggest starting on a fairly small space like this for your first attempt. I also suggest doing it with a partner. I can be done alone, but it would be much harder. I hope you found this post helpful 🙂

Let me know how it goes?

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