Make the Most of Each Room

Adding a Few Accessories Makes all the Difference…


The good thing about this house is that it had already been decluttered so I just needed to bring in some props to add colour.


It’s amazing how different this room looked, just by adding large artwork and complementary accent cushions



Removing the big dark cabinet in the living room and replacing it with their shorter lighter wood wine rack opened up the room. It also gave us a surface to add decorative flowers for more layers of colours.


The fireplace is always the focal point to the room. You want it to look great since that is what buyers are buying.


Adding floor candle sticks and tall grass not only soften all the brick but it brings your eye down to the fireplace instead of focussing on the TV above. Adding a chair and more artwork made it inviting and drew you in towards the fireplace.


This room looked overcrowded by the large buffet and hutch. There was just too much wood at this end of the room.


Removing the buffet and hutch allowed me to move the table so it was centered under the light fixture and also allowed me to hang a starburst mirror. The mirror was not only decorative but it also reflected the light which made the room feel larger. Notice how I also replaced the drapes and hung matching brighter coloured drapes in both the dining and the living room. You really notice the beautiful hard wood floors now.

Easy Bedroom Transformations Without Painting

Painting isn’t always an option for homeowners so I have to figure out the best way to showcase the rooms in their current colours.

IMG_1636 (800x533)

I brought in new bed linens and lots of accent cushions to add colour, texture and softness to the bed.

IMG_1638 (800x533)

Since the headboard was so high, it didn’t need artwork above it, but I did bring in artwork for the wall that you faced as you entered the room. Balance is very important in Staging, so adding matching lamps really helped.


I wanted to change the direction of the bed since it blocked the entrance of the room. I knew I could use the dresser as a night table as well if it was beside the bed.


Bringing in ivory longer drapes, instantly brightened the room. The homeowner’s nice sailboat was my inspiration for the room. The plaid linens and nautical artwork would appeal to almost any age. The room looks larger since you see more of the floor.


Short drapes always make a window look smaller. They had a dresser in the closet, so I brought it out since buyers like to see the scale of the room and know that their furniture would fit. It’s always a good idea to remove any cabinets or shelve that are bolted to the wall when selling your home since they might be expected to stay.


Since the walls were a bold saturated colour, I needed to bring in equally bold accessories for balance. The flowers in the artwork had the same colour as the paint and then I pulled the coral colour to tone it down and give more interest. I was lucky that their linens were reversible so I just flipped it to show the lighter side.

All these subtle changes resulted in another quick sale.  Everyone was happy :).




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