IKEA Christmas Tree for my Planters


An Inexpensive Way to Create Holiday Planters

Every Christmas my son and I have the tradition of going to IKEA as soon as their real Christmas trees come on sale.  You can buy one for $20 and they give you a $20 redeemable coupon that is valid from January 2-February 28, with a purchase of $75 or more.


We don’t really care what the shape or size of the tree is since we will be cutting it all up any 😉  I use all the branches to create my exterior urns.


I cut all the branches off from the trunk so we’re basically left with a big stick. The cheapest ‘pre-made’ urns I can find at stores around here are about $20 and they are very small.  I KNOW I will be able to redeem my coupon, so I’m getting my tree for free 🙂


I have enough greenery for about 4 urns PLUS I have enough branches to keep replenishing fresh greenery throughout the house during the holidays.  I just leave it in a large bin in the garage to keep it cold.

Putting it All Together


During my regular walks in the woods, I also gathered up birch branches that were lying on the forest floor.  I like how they add some height and texture in the urns. I start with the branches around the edge so they drape over the urn.


I’ll buy a couple bundles of different cut greenery so the urns have some variety but it makes me so mad to spend $5 on a bundle with a few branches compared to my tree.


I also cut some fresh branches of berries in my friends yard.


Pomegranates are a nice colourful touch.  I just skewered them and added them to the urn. 


At first I was happy with this, but it didn’t have enough depth.  I added some magnolia and it gave the planter more colour, texture and another dimension.

 The Finished Look



Now there are different heights, textures, colours, and focal points. I like the fact that this natural urn will look pretty all winter long.





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