Every Square Foot Counts When Selling Your House

I seem to be staging a lot of bungalows lately and they are awesome. Sometimes, the problem is that homeowners spend all their time on the main floor (that is why they live in a bungalow) but then the lower level which is the same footage is often neglected.  That is fine if you don’t need the space, but when selling your home, every square foot is added value to your property.  You need to showcase every area possible!!!!

Here is a perfect example of what I mean… The main level of the house was stunning since that is where they spend all their time.  The lower level was mainly used for occassional guests.


IMG_5726 (800x533)
IMG_6278 (800x533)
AFTER – I was lucky that the homeowner had nice leather sofas to work with. We cleared out the room and then moved the furniture around so the furniture had a better flow. Once the furniture was in place, the fun part is bringing in accessories like greenery, artwork and colour.
IMG_6291 (800x533)
AFTER – instead of feeling like a ‘catch-all’ room I wanted to create an atmosphere where buyers could see themselves enjoying this very valuable family room with family and friends. This room was also painted a slightly light shade of taupe so it is completely move-in-ready.


IMG_6286 (800x533)
AFTER – I used the one tulip artwork that was previously hanging in their kitchen as the colour scheme for the lower level. I just built on that colour scheme. The reds and browns always make lower levels feel cozy.  We removed the extra pieces of furniture so the room looked spacious and flipping the sofas around also made the entrance of the room more open.

The lower level also had a great second bedroom.  Since the there is only one bedroom on the main floor I wanted the second bedroom to look just as good as the master bedroom to show the full potential to buyers.

IMG_5720 (800x533)
IMG_6296 (800x523)
AFTER – I wanted to continue the red from the other rooms so there was a flow. Brining in new lines, artwork and accessories was a quick transformation. Notice how much drama the drapes add to the room. I wanted to give this room the same attention to details as I would with a room on the main level. Replace the heavy furniture with the glass table also give an airiness to the room but still show scale for furniture.
IMG_5717 (800x533)
IMG_6302 (800x520)
AFTER – this room was painted in a lighter colour but it also looked so much brighter just with the white lines. removing the huge black chair and brining in one of their smaller chairs helped with the scale of the room.
IMG_6294 (800x533)
AFTER – Having a full bathroom on the lower level made this whole space self sufficient. This level is ideal for guests, teenagers, or even a rental unit. I easily updated it with the same colour pallet as the bedroom and the family room.

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