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RECORDING: January 9th, Colonial Fireplace Reface and Dining Room Revamp

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to thank whomever joined my first webinar last night. I was very excited to receive so many questions and photos from members. I hope you were happy with the content.

Here’s the recording.

I would also like to apologize for not realizing how many other people were on the webinar since I was not seeing the feed. I thought I was only speaking with the group that I saw videos of. I’m sorry if you had questions or comments that I missed. I will know for next week.

The technology side of this is a big learning curve for me. It’s very nice when I can actually see and converse with who I’m speaking with since this is such a visual topic and it’s nice to get your reactions. I loved how the other members added their comments and insight as well. Thank you.

I would also love it hear what topics (in general) that you want covered. It doesn’t always have to be about a specific question. Last night, people mentioned that they want to know what to put on their coffee tables and dining tables. I’ll be gathering some photos as inspiration.

There were many changes to the site over the holidays to streamline and simplify the navigation, so I hope you get a chance to browse through. I am continuously adding content.

Love your Home,