Picking The Right Tables and Lamps

Learn Heathers' simple strategy for finishing your living spaces by selecting the perfect tables and lamps.

Have you ever had a space in your home when you have the feeling that your room is just missing a little something?

It just doesn’t feel finished and you don’t know why. If this is you I’ve got the missing piece to finish your space.

Learn How To Style Your Home With Tables and Lamps

Problem is that there’s a right table for each space and matching the right lighting can be super frustrating. You end up with tough questions like:

  • Do my tables and lamps have to match
  • How do I arrange my end tables?
  • What’s the difference between end and side tables?
  • What style should I pick for an accent table?

These are just a couple of the questions I get asked as I work with homeowners trying to finish off their home decor projects. So I’ve put together a great course that will show you how to pull the pieces together and finish off your latest home decor project.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn.

  • The 6 Keys To Picking The Right Tables and Lamps
  • How To Select The Right Table and Lamp Styles
  • How and When To Use Ottomans and Pouff’s
  • How Tables With Colors Can Be Use To Change The Feel of A Room
  • How To Use Unique Furniture Pieces As Tables
  • How To Determine The Right Coffee Table Heights
  • How To Decide on End Tables and Heights
  • How To Pick Lamps For Any Table
  • Selecting the Right Lamp Styles and Heights

…. Plus a live client Case study to show how these tips all fit together.

There’s 10 step-by-step lessons and over 60 minutes of great content with easy to follow checklists, resources and ongoing support.

With 20 years of home styling and decor expertise I’m here to help you pull the pieces together to create your stunning spaces.

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