You Have to Work Fast When Staging a House.

As I state in every blog, each home has a story with different time lines, budgets and abilities.  In this case, the homeowners put an offer on another house so they needed to get this house on the market FAST.  Between the homeowners, my team and the Realtor everyone worked hard and got the job done!  There wasn’t time to do any painting so I brought in accessories with their existing colour scheme.

Furniture Placement

IMG 9085

IMG 9331 Copy

The first priority I have when I stage a home is furniture placement.  It has to appeal to the masses and how the masses would lay out their furniture. Removing one of the chairs allowed us to center the sofa on the long wall.

IMG 9089

IMG 9333 Copy

The homeowners loved to look out of their beautiful floor to ceiling windows, but by moving the loveseat in front of the window, the room looked wider and by putting a table on the shorter wall, buyers could visualize where to put a TV in the room. This is a question buyers always ask, especially when there isn’t a main floor family room.

IMG 9337

This is the perfect wall for a TV.  The homeowners already had this table in another room.

IMG 9088

IMG 9335

Large bold artwork with lighter colours helped make the room feel brighter.  By removing their artwork on the fireplace, we can now see their interesting tile that looks like wood on the fireplace.  The fireplace should always be the focal point since it stays with the house.

Colour Continuity

IMG 9092

IMG 9346

We brought in ivory drapes for both the living room and the dining room windows to create a nice flow and continuity.  The lighter drapes also brightened the rooms.

Removing a lot extra ‘stuff’ made the room feel more spacious as well.  Bringing in larger canvas artwork shows up better than smaller pictures in the photos.  All the art complemented the brown and the green existing wall colours.

Ambiance is Important

IMG 9061IMG 9350

I always suggest to homeowners that IF they are planning on buying new linens for their new house, to buy them now so the house looks great for staging and then they have a room-in-a-box for their new home.  Adding new linens, and floor length drapes made a huge difference.

IMG 9062

IMG 9351

The challenge was to tie in the green wall colour with the light gray en-suite off the bedroom.  Adding the silver/gray accents did the trick without having to paint the green walls.   Removing the little vanity table allowed us to centre the dresser under the window.  Balance is extremely important in staging.

IMG 9355

The new gray accents in the master bedroom carries through to the colours of this vanity.

IMG 9353

This master bedroom now looks like a calm relaxing retreat.

Updated Colours

IMG 9054

IMG 9369

Gray is definitely the colour of choice for the masses right now.  If you don’t have time to paint, you can always add the trendy colours through the accessories.  Just adding the gray/white and tan linens cooled down the warm tan colour.  Adding the light gray drapes also helped.  I wanted to stage this room for a teen since it had a larger bed and a big TV in the room.   The metal artwork above the bed also tied in all the warm and cool tones.  Rearranging the furniture showed how large the room is (even with a queen size bed).  It’s nice to open a door and see all the floor space so we switched where the bed and the dresser were.  Putting the dresser beside the bed also allowed us to remove the night side table.  This is another space saver.

Thank you for everyone’s hard work on this staging.  I’m sure the house won’t be on the market for very long!!!


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