I absolutely love adding fresh flowers in the houses that I Stage since they add such beautiful colours and life to any room.  They just make me happy.

When selling your home, it’s nice to have a fresh bouquet on the dining table, the kitchen counter or the even at the foyer to greet buyers as they walk into the house. It doesn’t have to be a large bouquet.  Sometimes a simple flower in a vase on the bedroom night side table or bathroom vanity is ‘just enough’. It makes the rooms feel fresh.

When Staging your home, even the flowers have to be ‘just’ right.  You don’t want anything to be distracting!

If a homeowner wants to have fresh flowers, I prefer to buy them on their behalf to make sure they buy the right colours and even the right type of flowers.  Some flowers are much more formal than others.  Some are very contemporary, while others are more traditional.  It’s important to buy the ‘right’ flower for each setting.

Flowers are like the jewelry to an outfit.  They all have to work together.

IMG_0286 (3000x2000)
Potted flowering plants can be used in a relaxed setting. They are great since they last a long time. Hopefully the house will sell before the flowers stop blooming.
When using bold colours, make sure they complement the décor.
IMG_8990 (3000x2000)
Seasonal flowers get buyers excited for change.
IMG_9963 (800x533) (4)
Fresh cut flowers don’t last too long but there are some hardier flowers than others. Speak to your florist for the best choice in each season.
When you have potted plants like this, remove the wrapper(see above) that it comes in and put it in a nice decorative pot to dress it up a bit.  The paper never adds value to the look of the flowers.
IMG_1259 (800x800)
When choosing exterior urns or planters, make sure the colours don’t compete with the brick or siding. You also want to make sure they stand out against their backdrop.
It’s much easier to have fresh flowers when you can cut beautiful blooms right from the garden.
IMG_3885 (800x533)
Exterior flowers are just as important for curb appeal. Greet your buyers with a beautiful garden. If they like the exterior, they are more excited about seeing the interior.
I prefer to have flowers all in one colour for staging. You don’t need much to create an impact. We cut a few stems from the outside planter to brighten up this kitchen corner.
lilies used in home staging
Lilies are great since they can be very casual or they can also fit into more formal settings depending on their colour and the vase. These look more casual with the Brown Eyed Susans added in. They were perfect for this living space.

Casual or Formal?

IMG_3907 (800x532)
White flowers are always elegant and classy. Plants like orchids have an exotic feel to them as well. They would not be suited in a rustic setting.
roses (2 of 2)
Pink roses say ‘feminine and romantic’.
roses (2 of 4) (800x734)
The red rose is suited for very formal and dramatic rooms.
Daisy flowers
Nothing says “country” charm more than daisies.

If you struggle with buying flowers, it’s always easier to buy one type of flower or at least one colour of flower for the most impact.  You can’t go wrong.

If there isn’t enough time or the budget to get fresh flowers, I often cut large Hosta leaves or branches with greenery and put them in a vase.

IMG_3940 (800x533)
Mother nature is perfection! These leaves are free and they last a long time in some water, so they are a great choice if you need a bit of greenery to add life to a space.

Making sure the flowers are in the proper vessel (vase, basket, urn, jug etc.) is another whole topic!





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