What Do You Think Of These 2021 Home Decor Trends?


What’s Staying and What’s Leaving?

I always find the beginning of every year fascinating since all the décor trend forecasts are revealed by the head design firms. No doubt to sell their new lines of products. If these companies didn’t come up with new ideas, they wouldn’t be in business. As consumers, we do appreciate change or variety. You just don’t have to do it ALL!

I love helping people incorporate the new trends in their current decor without redoing everything. Let’s face it, that is just not realistic nor is it necessary.

This past year more than ever, after spending so much time in lock-down we all figured out quite quickly what we liked and didn’t like about our home. We probably have many more months to go before we return to ‘normal’ if we ever do, so it’s important to really love our space. Let it represent who YOU are and only have things/colours that make you happy and comfortable. Your home is your nest/sanctuary where you should feel safe and at peace.

If you LOVE how you’ve decorated, leave it. If you HATE your decor, consider different options. There is definitely something for everyone!

My philosophy is to get informed on what’s happening and then choose what works for you (and your family) and what doesn’t. I also believe it’s important to keep the architectural integrity of your home in mind when decorating. Sometimes the house itself dictates the main style but you can always put your own little twist on things. Keep things interesting and unpredictable.

I combed through several articles from different designers and firms and it can be quite overwhelming since they all say similar yet different things.

In my last webinar we covered the major new trends and some of the listeners loved them and some hated certain elements. That’s the whole point. There is something for everyone! Decor is supposed to bring you joy so keep it fun and try not to stress if your decor is ‘in style’. Your home should be a reflection of YOU. The trends are meant to you the inspiration.

I found the following article quite simple and to the point so I have included it for you to read. I hope you find it helpful. Click on the link below by Insider


2021 interior-design trends: What’s going out and what will be popular – Insider

Love Your Home! Heather

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