This older downtown condo needs to appeal to a younger market since there are a lot of stairs and no elevator. It’s a challenge to bring in inventory that is not going to look out of place with the homeowners furniture.  I like it when you can’t tell which pieces belong to the homeowner and which pieces belong to Styled & Staged. I like to update the look yet still work with their furniture.

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BEFORE – I actually removed two large chairs from the living room before this photo was taken. Since there are only 2 bedrooms they don’t need as much seating.
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AFTER – Styled & Staged brought in lots of rentals in artwork and accessories to give the room some impact. Adding the area rug really helped define the two areas and broke up all the hard surfaces. When there are no drapes you need to add some softness to a room.
BEFORE – I really felt that there were too many little lamps around the room which only emphasized that there wasn’t a ceiling light fixture. I also felt that the artwork was too small for such a large wall. When staging….the bigger the better
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AFTER – bringing in larger artwork really helped. The colours in the art tied in with the wood furniture and the dark framed balanced the dark furniture in the living room. I couldn’t go too modern with the artwork with their antique country chairs and curio cabinet.
BEFORE – the little lamps weren’t giving enough light,
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AFTER – renting the tall lamps instantly brightened the room. It was also easy to add pops of colour that was inspired by the artwork. Both rooms flow nicely which is important in an open concept.
BEFORE – Having a bookcase in the kitchen makes buyers concerned that there isn’t enough storage which is not the case in this kitchen.  It also took up 10 inches of unnecessary valuable depth in the room.
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AFTER – removing the little pictures above the cupboards and the bookcase really opened up the room. Adding bold artwork helped tie the colours together and gave it a more current look.
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BEFORE – this is the best layout for their furniture since they had two tall dressers.  One wall is all closet and the other wall has a patio door to the balcony.
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AFTER – it you plan on buying new linens for you next home, buy them now to update your master bedroom. Removing the extra pieces of furniture and renting large artwork and accessories help give the ‘wow’ factor. If you place your bed in front of a window like this make sure you prop your pillows up so it looks like a soft headboard.
BEFORE – the homeowners didn’t want to do an major renovations to this bathroom but it needed a little sprucing up.
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AFTER – a quick simple paint job on the vanity doors really gave it a fresh look. Replacing the patterned shower curtain with a white terry towel one helped keep a ‘spa’ feeling to the room.
BEFORE – this room is both an office and guest room but it had too much furniture.
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AFTER – moving the bed and desk curio really opened up the room and made it easier to get to the closet doors. The room felt so much larger and they were happy to still keep all the necessary furniture.
BEFORE – there is a misconception that adding mirrors everywhere makes rooms look larger. Always look to see what you’re actually reflecting. The brass on this mirror also dated the room.
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AFTER – painting the vanity doors white was a huge improvement and adding contemporary artwork and new towels transformed this powder room.





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