Heather Maduk has just signed a two year contract with a large distributing firm in Toronto to sell her wall art!!! These pictures can be enlarged to any size and stretched on canvas. Call 613-302-4020 to order any customer print and size.

As a professional shopper Heather often found it challenging to find the perfect wall art for bedrooms, teen rooms, offices and bathrooms. Home Staging is a quick process and the easiest way to coordinate a disjointed room is through artwork and colour. Heather combined her love of design and photography and gathered a collection of artwork that is now being sold in Walmart, Bouclair, Home Depot, HomeSense, Sears and several stores throughout the US. and Sears.

For the latest addition of photos taken in New Zealand click

This artwork is also perfect for retail displays and spa environments. Heather also works with several spas and hair salons in the Ottawa area creating their seasonal design/decor as well as their booths for Trade Shows.


Heather creates lasting impressions transforming any house into a home. Styled&Staged take your space from from Drab to Fab!


70 Bongard Avenue. Ottawa, ON, CA K2J 7Z9 
+1-613-302-4020 | info@styledandstaged.com

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