Let's Create A Custom Space In Your Home With My Virtual Design Service

This service is designed to help you style your home to make it the best it’s ever been — virtually!

You send me photos and measurements of your space, and I send a custom mood board with all the suggested products, layouts, colors and ideas in a to-scale new room plan.

Plus, I’m available to jump on a call after you receive your package to go over it and any questions you may have.

Heather Maduk Home Stylist

What's Included:

A One Time Introduction Session

A one-time introduction call where we can talk about what your goals are and where we’ll be focusing. This is the time to handle expectations on both parties.

A Custom Designed Mood Board

An easy-to-follow visual design board that allows me to virtually share a complete design with your. You'll see all the ideas, notes, images, links and files I create for your space.

A Place To Put Everything

Work from my to-scale diagram and put all the pieces together.

A Private Q&A Session

You may send me photos/questions by email. After that we'll book another hour of time to go over your plan.

20 Years of Experience

My professional experience of helping thousands of happy clients over the last two decades.

You Send In Your Ideas and Pictures

Just so you feel comfortable with the process, you will have one complementary introduction phone call with me so we set what your expectations are, and what it is you want to accomplish during the process. 

I Create a Custom Design For Your Space

You certainly don’t have to re-do your home every time a new trend comes along. I’ll show you how you can incorporate that newest look into your current decor. Personal style changes the way you feel in your home. Discover yours and why it’s so important.

We Work Together Pulling All The Pieces Together

You’ll feel confident turning your vision into reality. My easy to follow Design Maps can be applied to any room saving you time, money and impulse shopping.

Let's Do This!

Virtual Design Service

$ 750
  • Virtual Design Service
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100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy after we have our Introductory call just let me know and I’ll make sure you get your money back.