Here are two very typical kids bedrooms.  Lots of colour and lots of stuff!!!! 

BEFORE – the room felt dark since the drapes didn’t allow the natural light to come in and the dresser was also covering the window
BEFORE – again, the drapes are not allowing in the natural light and the room looked cluttered since there were lots of little items on display

When staging your home you usually want to paint the walls a neutral colour that will appeal to the masses or ties in with fixed items like stone, tile, flooring etc.

It’s impossible to predict what colour to paint kid’s rooms since you have no idea the gender, age or even use of the bedroom.  My suggestion for kids room is to just de-clutter, depersonalize and make sure the walls are at least in good shape.  The most important thing is that buyers can actually see the size and shape of the room.  Moving can be extremely stressful for kids if they don’t understand what’s going on.  Changing their rooms the least amount possible can really help in the transition.  When selling, focus on the main rooms first.

AFER – clearing everything away from the window made them the focal point.  Moving the furniture around made all the difference.  Styled & Staged brought in rental artwork


AFTER – this dresser was previously in the closet. Simply switching the dresser with the shelves made a huge difference. Even though the colours are extremely vibrant Styled & Staged brought in artwork that pulled the two colours together and added more white to help break up the intense colours.


Heather creates lasting impressions transforming any house into a home. Styled&Staged take your space from from Drab to Fab!


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