Ever notice how you treat other people better than you treat yourself? Take the time over the holidays to snuggle up in your favourite cozy blanket and enjoy a pot of simmering flavoured Candy Cane tea. Top it off with one of your decadent cookies. Light the candles and create a relaxing atmosphere. Don’t only put the good and pretty stuff out for guests….you deserve it to!!!!!!!

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I always keep trays on hand since they make it so much easier containing everything. Most people use ottomans now instead of coffee tables so the tray creates the hard surface so things don’t spill.

I found a collection of holiday teas from Celestial and they are delicious. I was happy to see the Gluten Free sign on them.  It never occurred to me before that there might be gluten in flavoured teas.  I also love the “Gingerbread” flavoured one.

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I love dipping a real candy cane in my tea instead of sugar. It also makes it look so festive.

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