Staging is Quite Different Than Decorating

Our goal is to keep costs down for homeowners by using as much of their furnishings and accessories as possible. We always work within the time line, budget and ability of the homeowners. All photos are published with the homeowners consent.

Enhance the Natural Beauty of Your Home When Staging

Here is an example of how to showcase the beautiful elements of this house, with paint colour. As I walked in, I was captivated by all the slate, stone, travertine, pillars, wood and architectural details.  The homeowner’s obviously took great pride in building this unique masterpiece. I have to preface that the BEFORE photos look messy since we were in the middle of editing the accessories and moving the furniture around.  I can assure you the house was not like this when I arrived!! The main thing that I want you to focus on is the paint colour. I always take …

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Paint Changes Everything for Staging

As I walked into this house back in December, I knew it needed to be painted.  The homeowners were very reluctant and it took some convincing that they would get their money back in the paint.  I was happy that they decided to go ahead with it, and hire professional painters to make sure the job was done right. These homeowners were amazing to work with.  They did whatever I asked them to do and were more than willing to buy what I suggested. Once the painting was done, I was surprised how quickly we could turn it around. Neutral Walls and Furniture Placement The …

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Appeal to the Masses When Staging

As I walked into this house it immediately felt like a ‘home’.  It had a unique layout with lots of charm and personality.  As a Stager, it can be hard to ask homeowners to remove certain furnishings in order to appeal to the masses even though it looks beautiful.. Place Furniture the Way the Masses Would Nothing says elegance, culture and sophistication more than a grand piano in a living room.  Unfortunately the masses don’t own one so they find it hard to visualize the scale of the room with ‘their’ furniture in it.  It killed me asking them to remove it …

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Staircase Gets a Quick Facelift

As soon as you open the front door of a house, you make an instant impression of what the rest of the house is going to be like.  You only get that one first impression! Although this foyer was lovely, I felt it needed to be more neutral for buyers.  The tile and the paint colour were already nice and neutral, so I didn’t want buyers to be limited by the colours of the runner on the stairs.  Buyers want move-in ready houses. New Runner on Stairs Buyers will love the brand new fresh carpet on the stairs that blend …

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How to Pull Colours Together When Staging

We don’t always have the time to paint rooms when Staging a house, so it’s up to me to make any colour combinations work. Here is a perfect example of how artwork and accessories were the solution for combining two different coloured adjoining rooms. This master bedroom was a soft cream colour in the main area but it had a huge adjoining dressing room and en-suite painted a pale gray colour. I wanted to pull the two rooms together since they were visible from one room to the next.  Having a nice colour flow always makes a space feel larger as well. Artwork and Accessories …

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Stage Memorable Children’s Rooms

Often, bedrooms are empty so this is the perfect chance to make a statement.   Staging memorable rooms is fun and exciting. I always try to imagine who is moving into the house and how to appeal to that target market. Youngest Room Since this was the smallest room and it was closest to the master bedroom, I decided to make it appeal to a young child. There was a larger bedroom with 2 twin beds in it, so we brought one of the beds into this room. Since the walls were so light, I needed to bring in lots of …

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Air Beds to the Rescue for Staging

Lately, I seem to be Staging a lot of empty homes. It’s a well known fact that rooms look larger with furniture in them and they are certainly more memorable and inviting. These two bedrooms only had a desk in one and a night table in the other.  I am very grateful that the Realtor I worked with provided 2 single airbeds. Unfortunately, having a bed in a room isn’t enough.  You still have to add fresh linens, artwork, lamps, drapes and accessories to create a ‘story’ in a room. We didn’t have time to paint this room a neutral colour but I brought in …

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Working With a Bold Paint Colour

As I’ve mentioned several times before, I often have to work within very tight time frames when Staging a house for various reasons. I received a text message with a picture of this master bedroom from a Realtor asking me if I could work with this client’s bedroom colour. The room had just been painted and we had to stage the house within a couple of days so there was no time to repaint. I’m Always Up for the Challenge! I took a deep breathe and quickly searched through my inventory to see how I could pull this room together in a …

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Simple DIY Artwork for a Boy’s Room

Over the years, I’ve learned what looks good in photos for the MLS listings.  When I can’t find what I’m looking for, I have to come up with inexpensive and fast DIY projects to pull a room together. Create a Room I was very lucky that the Realtor had an extra single bed at his house that he was willing to bring over so.  It allowed me to showcase this as a child’s room.  The target market for this house is a young family so I wanted to stage it accordingly. DIY Artwork As a Home Stager, I always have trouble …

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Only One Weekend to Transform and Stage this House.

While some of you might have been enjoying the long Family Day weekend, Styled & Staged helped transform this adorable house. It has so much personality and character and I’m sure a young couple starting a family will love living here.  Since it’s right across the street from an elementary school , a park and lots of young families are moving in, I felt it was important to Stage the house to appeal to that target market. Know Your Target Market This house has two bedrooms on the upper floor and one in the basement. Although this is a great …

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