Staging is Quite Different Than Decorating

Our goal is to keep costs down for homeowners by using as much of their furnishings and accessories as possible. We always work within the time line, budget and ability of the homeowners. All photos are published with the homeowners consent.

Staging A Vacant Home Makes All The Difference.

Staging A Vacant Property Makes a Difference I was called by the homeowners to Stage their vacant property. The house had just been completely renovated and was in pristine condition. As soon as I walked in, I loved their colour scheme and their light fixtures. Buyers find it very challenging to see the full potential of an empty room since rooms always appear smaller without furniture. My job is to help make a house feel like a home and to enhance the house’s best features. The first thing I need to decide on is the ‘style’ and ‘colour palette’ that …

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Proof That Staging Does Work

The Process: I’ve decided to write this blog about the process that goes along with Staging since most people have NO idea how much is involved.  Every house is a bit different, but I want to share the process of this particular staging.  Since it was an empty house, more work was necessary. I received a call from a homeowner who said she had a ‘crisis’.  She had a newly renovated vacant property on the market for 3 months but it wasn’t selling.  She was given my name from someone and she asked me to stage her house.  I agreed. …

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My Dream Staging Part 2

I had so much fun staging this stunning house since it was almost a blank canvas. The homeowner had already moved out but left a few pieces of furniture for me to work with. I basically had to furnish the main floor.  View this link for Part 1 of this Staging.  You won’t believe how great it looks. This post is about the bedrooms upstairs. Make the Most of What you Have: The only thing in this room was s single bed and a night table. I knew there was a desk in the storage in the basement so we …

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My Dream Staging

The homeowner had moved out of this stunning large home but left me a few pieces of furniture to work with.  I had the challenge of creating a plan to figure out which furniture I needed to rent from the furniture rental store, and which accessories I needed to bring in from my (Styled & Staged) inventory to make it feel like a home. Huge Rooms: To put things in perspective, I can hardly hold this piece of artwork, yet it looked small in the room. One of the hardest thing about renting furniture is that you don’t always get …

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Weekend Staging Makeover

Houses are moving so fast in the real estate market, there isn’t a lot of time to get houses ready to list.  You need  to prioritize what will make the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time!  These homeowners were extremely accommodating and motivated to complete everything that I asked.  I spent the entire weekend shopping and searching for the perfect accessories in my inventory for Staging while they were working at their house. It’s amazing how much was accomplished in a weekend. Team work!!! Create Calm Atmosphere: When you have an open concept it’s important to create a …

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Little Adjustments in Staging

We all know that its extremely hard to live in a Staged out when you have little kids. The whole premise behind Staging is to showcase your home so it appeals to the masses. That way, it sells faster and presumably for more money. The quicker it sells, the sooner you can get back to your normal way of living. Remove the Toys: This is a family home, so chances are there will be kids moving in as well, however, buyers need to see the full potential of every room in the house. Store some toys which are used everyday …

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More Than Just a House

Not Just 4 Walls I hope this blog finds you all safe and well after the Tornadoes last weekend.  Since I was without power for almost 50 hours in Barrhaven, I had a lot of time to reflect and count my blessings. In the Real Estate and Staging business, it’s easy to get caught up on the notion that a house is simply a “product” and/or a “financial investment”. We tend to look at the square footage, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, amenities etc. Yes, this is all true, but last weekend I was reminded that a house is so much more …

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Staging/Decorating a Cottage for the Colder Months

We are all affected and influenced by the weather.  In the hot months, we want our cottages to feel cool, airy and breezy. However, as the weather gets colder, we want to feel warm, cozy and comfortable .  We like to wrap ourselves in luxurious blankets by the fire sipping on hot chocolate with a good book. Create an Inviting Space It’s time to put the beach towels and boats away and focus on the inside of the house. If you want buyers or guests to drive out to see the cottage, you want to make sure it’s as appealing …

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Staging a House with an Income Property

Selling a house that has a separate rental unit (especially downtown) is very appealing for buyers. The rental suite can produce a nice monthly income. The main house was very elegant and just needed some tweaking but its amazing how small changes can make a huge difference. Main Living Space This room was intended to be a dining and a living room. Since the homeowner used their dining room table in the kitchen, they spread out their furniture creating one large living room. Since I needed a lot of their furniture to stage the rental unit after the tenant moved …

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Staging a Rental Unit

Selling a house that has a separate rental unit (especially downtown) is very appealing for buyers. The rental income can produce a nice monthly income.  However, the unit has too look great. It’s impossible to expect renters to tidy up and be willing to have their space Staged, so I waited until the tenants moved out. In order to eliminate the odours the whole space needed to be emptied, painted and the carpet needed to be replaced. It’s amazing how much textiles retain the smell of smoke and pet odours. Main Living Space Even though I knew I wasn’t going …

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