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Our goal is to keep costs down for homeowners by using as much of their furnishings and accessories as possible. We always work within the time line, budget and ability of the homeowners. All photos are published with the homeowners consent.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-01

A Home Staging Trend To Watch For… – #

A Home Staging Trend To Watch …

A Home Staging Trend To Watch For… –

Country Homes Get Staged Too

I’ve noticed a change in Ottawa Home Staging market. I used to stage houses only in the suburbs and down town Ottawa but lately I’ve been staging rural homes and even farm houses. The process is the same but the end result are a bit different. Staging is always about appealing to the buyers. What appeals to a city slicker is quite different from the country lifestyle. It tends to be more relaxed, organic and rustic but still has the modern comforts. I always bring in some accessories to put the ‘style’ into the listings. Suddenly I had to update …

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Ottawa Home Staging News

Ottawa Home Staging News

A Can of Spray Paint Saves a Fireplace

Home Staging Tip How One $12.00 Can of Spray Paint Saved the Day! As soon as I walked into this lovely town house I noticed that all the door handles and the cupboard hardware were brushed nickel.  All the chandeliers and light fixtures were contemporary, sleek and also in a brushed nickel finish.  Then, glaring right in front of me was this shiny brass fireplace surround!   It just didn’t go with the rest of the house.  It screamed “HELP”. Since I was staging the house there were so many other priorities to be done and we were trying to keep …

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Linen Secrets That Sell

Home Staging Tip Just imagine walking into a hotel room and the linens looked soiled, torn and worn out. Would you want to stay there?  No. The same rules apply to selling your house. I always tell homeowners to replace their bed linens if necessary.   It’s a small investment towards the sale of their house.  It’s also something that they can take to their new home so it’s not a waste of money.  Choosing something simple also gives homeowners lots of decorating options down the road. Through my several years of Staging, I have noticed one very important secret.  Bed …

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5 Top Tips On How To Use Artwork

Home Staging Tip Buyers/Realtors look at the MLS pictures to decide if they even want to bother going to see a house or not.  The quickest and easiest way to transform a room is by adding bold colourful artwork.  MLS pictures look better if the house has a nice flow of colour and style.  Follow my 5 Top Tips of Using Artwork in the Staging process. 5 Top Tips of Using Artwork to Stage a House Never hang artwork too high.  The center of the picture should be 57“ from the floor.  Artwork should be spaced no further than 8” …

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6 Ways To Sell A Soaker Tub

Home Staging Tip It can be challenging making a room with cold hard surfaces feel appealing and inviting to buyers.  Follow these  6 easy steps for a spa atmosphere that will be easy to sell. En-suites should be decorated in the same colour palette as the master bedroom since they usually look onto each other and we want to continue the flow. Soften the hard surfaces of the tub with lush towels either rolled in the corner, draped over the tub or placed in an over-sized basket. Candles offer the best lighting for a relaxed atmosphere.  They also add some …

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

staging tips on how 4 area rugs helped sell 4 houses in under one week. # New Web Site Launched… Before and Afters plus all my Wall Art included. # My Own Line of Wall Art Licensed !!! Press Release has the details #

My Own Line of Wall Art Licens…

My Own Line of Wall Art Licensed !!! Press Release has the details


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