Staging is Quite Different Than Decorating

Our goal is to keep costs down for homeowners by using as much of their furnishings and accessories as possible. We always work within the time line, budget and ability of the homeowners. All photos are published with the homeowners consent.

Pick Your Paint Colour Last

After I stage someone’s home for re-sale they often hire me to decorate their new homes.  I’ve had 4 clients this week ask me to give them paint colours for their new homes.  They always seem so disappointed and shocked when I tell them to wait!  It’s rare that you move into a new house without needing to buy something new for the rooms. This is the time to buy your new area rug, or new bed linens, or new artwork that you might need as your ‘inspiration’.  There are millions of shades of paint, but only a few pictures …

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New Testimonial from Realtor

I want to let you know how amazed and pleased I am with your services.  I am so used to getting my hands dirty and dealing with the staging myself that I was very nervous about letting someone else take care of the staging.  It was huge for me to let go….but I am so happy that I put my trust in you and let you do your job. I was blown away by your work.  My client’s home looks AMAZING and you are well worth the investment.  I only wish I had started using your services sooner.  You add so much value …

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The Power of Pillows in Staging

One little $20 item can have so much impact in the photos for the MLS! The biggest reason we stage a home is draw attention to potential buyers with the beautiful MLS photos.  So many homes have attractive black or dark brown couches.  Unfortunately the just look like cold dark holes in the photos with no depth.  I also often see huge sectionals in a solid colour and it just looks likes a sea of ‘sameness’ in photos. A simple fix is to add a few toss cushions.  Pull the colours from the artwork and accessories for a cohesive look.  …

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December is Staging Month

January is always a great time to list a property! December is the time to start the STAGING process! I’m always surprised how busy I am in the month of December with  Initial Consultations but it just makes so much sense if you want to be prepared and get a head start on all the other properties. Things that can be done this month: 1.  Fix-it jobs and minor repairs 2.  Paint touch ups and a deep clean 3.  Start to remove the clutter 4.  Move furniture around 5.  Take advantage of the Holiday Sales if any purchases are required …

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Buyers Want to Feel a Warm Hug When They Enter a Room

Now that the weather is getting colder, nothing warms up a room faster than drapes. We are lucky that there is a huge variety of inexpensive ready-to-hang drapes available in all colours, texture and lengths.  Check out your local home stores like Bouclair, Walmart, Home Depot, IKEA, Canadian Tire and Sears for a wide affordable variety. If a house has all boring white walls and the homeowners aren’t willing to paint, adding a punch of colour with drapes is an easy quick fix.  Tall long drapes add height to rooms and a whole lot of drama.  Choose colours that compliment …

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Curb Appeal Staging for the Seasons!

Never underestimate the power of curb appeal!  Potential buyers will drive right by the listing if they don’t feel welcomed.  The easiest and most inexpensive way is through seasonal flowers.  We are heading into the Fall and the wonderful Fall Mums are easy to buy at any nursery or even grocery store.  These arrangements even came all assembled.   Remember to always choose the colours that compliment the exterior of the house.  These  flowers look great with the brick.  Having a variety of heights in planters gives a lot more interest.  Choosing attractive pots is also very important.

Another Quick, Inexpensive and Simple Fireplace Makeover!

Now that the colder weather is approaching the fireplace is going to become more of a focal point and selling feature of any house! Remember one of the most important reasons to stage a house is to make the MLS pictures look good so you can attract more traffic.  A great looking fireplace says…..’home’ In this ‘BEFORE’ picture the fireplace mantle looks washed out and the brick looks too busy.  The colour in the brick is very limiting to future homeowners and there is too much of a contrast with the white mantle.  The stripes on the couch really clash …

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-01

A Home Staging Trend To Watch For… – #

A Home Staging Trend To Watch …

A Home Staging Trend To Watch For… –

Country Homes Get Staged Too

I’ve noticed a change in Ottawa Home Staging market. I used to stage houses only in the suburbs and down town Ottawa but lately I’ve been staging rural homes and even farm houses. The process is the same but the end result are a bit different. Staging is always about appealing to the buyers. What appeals to a city slicker is quite different from the country lifestyle. It tends to be more relaxed, organic and rustic but still has the modern comforts. I always bring in some accessories to put the ‘style’ into the listings. Suddenly I had to update …

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