Staging is Quite Different Than Decorating

Our goal is to keep costs down for homeowners by using as much of their furnishings and accessories as possible. We always work within the time line, budget and ability of the homeowners. All photos are published with the homeowners consent.

Some Stagings Are More Involved Than Other Ones

Peeling Back The Layers Of An Onion: Sometimes staging a house is like peeling back an onion.  As you start to remove layers of ‘stuff’ you begin to see what you have to work with and all the beauty of the home.  It can be extremely stressful for homeowners to go through this process alone.  In this case we had a wonderful team of movers, the help of an organization company, painters, cleaners, the very hands-on Realtor Patti Smith, myself and yes, even our husbands were there to move stuff and shampoo carpets. Where to Begin: Fortunately I’ve been doing …

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5 Biggest Changes in This Staging

Every house has it’s own story.  In this case, the family had outgrown the space and purchased a large country home that they were moving to right after I staged the house.  The big decision was ‘what furniture do you keep for Staging purposes, and what do you pack in the moving truck to keep costs down? Each visit required more decisions to be made as we slowly removed old furniture and bought new furniture. Every time I went to the house it looked completely different and more decisions needed to be made. 5 Biggest Changes:  New paint colour on …

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3 Ways How To Make a Room Feel Larger

These three simple tips can make any living space feel larger. 1. Reduce Wall Paint Colours Painting the living room the same colour as the dining room was a dramatic difference and it really made the room look larger. Not only did I ask the homeowners to paint the living room, I also asked them to paint the bright yellow staircase since you saw it from every room in the house.  When rooms are chopped up with different paint colours, it stops the flow from one room to the other.  I chose to continue with their dining room colour since …

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Staging a Bedroom with Sloped Walls

This master bedroom has lots of charm with the thick baseboards, double windows and sloped walls.  Now what is the best way to furnish it? Upholstered Headboard: Since there is a sloped wall where the head of the bed is going to go, I had to bring in a headboard since I wouldn’t be able to hang artwork above the bed. It’s hard to tell in this photo, but the slope wall is just above the headboard. I chose an upholstered one instead of wood to add more texture and warmth.  Since I didn’t want to hide the thick decorative …

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Be a Master of Your Craft

  Last night my husband and I went to an interesting glass blowing demonstration. As I watched these two masters of their craft, I was reminded of these 3 life lessons. 3 Life Lessons: 1. THINGS AREN’T ALWAYS AS THEY SEEM. I was surprised how it took three hours to blow 2 vases, and then they still had to cool down for about 10 more hours. Next time I buy a glass vase/bowl for my Staging business, I will appreciate all the dedication, creativity and skill that goes into making each piece. Just like in my business, clients see their …

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A Hint of Bohemian Decor

I had so much fun Staging this empty house that was built in 1920. After several months of renovations, I was left with a clean blank canvas to turn it into a home. There is so much charm and character in these older homes and I want to showcase every detail. My colour inspiration was the exterior red brick and the blue door. Ideally, it’s nice when there is a flow from the exterior to the interior.  It tells more of a ‘story’. After spending a few hours in the empty house taking measurements and coming up with a plan, …

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Choosing Paint Colours

Every January, we all wait for the new “Colour Of The Year” to come out. I personally find this scary since I go into people’s homes who have gone and painted the new ‘trendy’ colour even though it doesn’t complement ANYTHING in their house.  We can easily fall into the same traps with fashion trends.  Some trends are simply NOT made for ALL body types. Complement What Is Staying In The House When helping clients with colour, I always start at the ground up.  What tones are in the flooring.  Flooring is the most expensive fixed feature in your home …

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays with your loved one. I’ve already had my first decorating/styling consultation of the year and things are booking up quickly for Stagings as well. Back in November and December, I started  to work with 4 houses to give them a head start with their ‘to-do’ list but they are almost ready to list this month so things are going to be busy. Santa brought me a new wide angle lens for my camera since my last one dropped and cracked! This means better quality before/after photos for my blogging.  I …

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Which Rooms Do You Stage?

home stager props

This townhouse had been vacant on the market for a few months so I was called in for a consultation and to decide how much to stage.  Yes, houses can sell empty.  However, as soon as you furnish an empty house, it completely transforms it into a home.  Buyers can see where/how they would use the spaces themselves. You immediately get a ‘feeling’ when you walk into a furnished house. After my initial consultation, I went directly to the furniture rental company and ordered all the pieces that I needed for the main floor.  We didn’t stage the bedrooms since …

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Looks Like a Completely New House

I received a call from a landlord who wanted to put her house up for sale the week after the tenants moved out.  That meant a lot of work in a very short period of time for everyone. Planning and coordinating all the necessary people is key when so many factors are involved! Initial Consultation: Just by our discussion on the phone, I knew I had to get in to see the house before the tenants moved out since I needed time to rent furniture and coordinate all the Staging.  It always takes longer than people expect. I was grateful …

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