Staging is Quite Different Than Decorating

Our goal is to keep costs down for homeowners by using as much of their furnishings and accessories as possible. We always work within the time line, budget and ability of the homeowners. All photos are published with the homeowners consent.

Fresh Paint Always Helps Sell A House

  Getting Started: It’s important for homeowners to realize that any suggestion I make are in their best interest to gain top dollar.  Nothing I suggest should be taken personally since decorating and staging have very different purposes, even though many of the principals relate to both. The very first things I ask the homeowners are: What has to stay? What can go? What are you willing to do? Is there something that you really don’t want to do? What is the budget? At the end of the day, the homeowner always has final say in what get’s done. After …

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Testimonial Of Happy Client

I love getting testimonials after the clients house sells with multiple offers over asking price! Heather has been awesome.  She is supportive and helpful and always willing to answer any questions asked.  She aims to use as much of your own furniture and things that she can.  Her suggestions for new things, like cushion covers, try to keep the costs as low as possible.  With her help, my home was staged to look amazing according to me, and my family and friends. Coleen Heather Maduk

Staging A House During A Lock Down

Let’s face it, Staging a house during a lock down is tough! None of the stores were open so it was a case of ordering things on-line and working with what we had.  The results will still amaze you! Curb Appeal: I heard from the Realtor Chris Scott from Keller Williams Integrity last October saying that his client would be listing her house in February. He asked me to do a drive by for a colour consult to make the house look a bit more cohesive.  We wanted all the exterior work done while the weather was still cooperating. I …

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Client Testimonial for On-Line Staging

I was so happy to receive this testimonial after another successful on-line Staging. I’m thrilled to report that this property received 11 offers and sold for $126,000 over listing price. “I loved working with Heather and my realtor Catherine Bell. We went through each room in my house over zoom and created a list of tasks that would turn my place into a show-worthy home. From colour matching the paint in my living room to match my kitchen to moving a floor carpet under the end of my bed, every tip had huge, eye-catching impact. Heather has a special gift …

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Staging Simple Bedrooms For Resale

A child’s room is often very personalized since that is THEIR domain.  However, when listing your house you want the rooms to look as neutral as possible.  This can be hard for some kids to understand so it might need to be done in little stages. I Have To Be Sensitive To These Room During this pandemic, more and more desks are put in all the bedrooms since everyone is either working from home, or homeschooling.  This makes it a challenge when staging for resale.  Fortunately house are selling so fast, that it’s a short term inconvenience. Obviously there was …

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Online Staging and Decorating Consultations Work!!

No matter what project I’m working on, the very first thing I look at, is furniture placement.  That is the most important thing since everything else works around that.  I want the room to be appealing to the masses so they know where they would put THEIR furniture.  Living and Staging are not always the same!!!  That can be hard for some clients to wrap their head around at the beginning. Fortunately, this client was completely on board! And it paid off. Furniture Placement is Key After reviewing these photo, I immediately knew how I wanted her to rearrange the …

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Online Staging Goes The Extra Mile – Team Work

Is it really worth it to Stage in this hot market?  Well this house sold immediately for $101,000 over asking.  I’d say it’s definitely worth it! Team Work: I was called by Realtor, Patti Smith of Keller Williams Integrity to help with another online staging.  We have worked together for almost 15 years while I was doing in person Stagings. Since COVID I have done several online staging’s with her and they have all sold immediately over asking price. It’s just a different way of working together.  Over the years, I have guided her on what inventory to buy since …

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Another Successful Online Staging

Online Staging: Staging is definitely different during this pandemic but that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as successful.  Here is another example of how I worked with homeowners for a quick transformation that SOLD immediately. I couldn’t have asked for more cooperative clients! Their hard work certainly paid off. This blog showcases the major changes that happened in this two bedroom townhouse. However, every single inch was transformed! I would like to start by saying that the ‘before photos’ were taken by the homeowners, and the ‘after’ photos were taken professionally by Flex Media Photo.  The Realtor was Chris …

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On-Line Staging

Times are very different right now, so I’ve been doing all my staging’s on-line.  I wanted to write this blog to explain how the process works. This is just one example of a recent on-line staging of a vacant property. On-Line Staging I have been working with Realtor,  Patti Smith from Keller Williams Integrity for almost 2 decades but since COVID I have been working with her on her vacant properties ( as well as her occupied listings). What does ‘on-line’ staging mean?  Well, the realtor (or the homeowner) emails me photos of each room.  Once I have reviewed them, …

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Major Staging Transformation!

These homeowners really went the extra mile and were willing to do a lot of painting and also store some furniture that they wanted for their new larger home.  I always try to ask clients to do as little as possible for the biggest return but sometimes it pays off to go the extra-mile.  This is a perfect example of that. Entrance Sliding doors can be a nuisance on closets but buyers do like to see a tidy foyer as soon as they enter the house.  You don’t want their eyes to stop at the shoes.  You want them to …

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