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I LOVE working with military clients.  Since they move so much, they really appreciate staging and understand how important it is to sell their house.

I was very happy to get a call asking to stage a house for clients that I helped almost  6 years ago when they were being transferred.  After moving around a few times, they ended up back in Ottawa and are on the move again.  I remembered every single item they had from their last house and it was so much fun working with them again.  They have a great sense of style and are open to any suggestions.

As soon as I walked into the house I feel in love with the fine details and stunning kitchen and open concept main floor.  I smiled to myself when I saw that they had repeated so many of the same things that we did 6 years ago just in a different house. Everything looked great but we all agreed that there was something missing.  They had only been living in the house a couple years and said they found it a bit ‘dull’.  Everything was gray, black, white and red was their accent colour.  I remembered that they had some yellow cushions from their last house and as soon as we added the additional colour the rooms came to life.  It’s amazing how something so simple had such a huge impact.

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This is the ideal entertaining kitchen. The fine details of the marble backsplash and 9 foot quartz countertop are timeless and clean looking.  I love the sparkle from the three pendant lights as well.
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The little desk area is ideal for a homework work station or a place to look at all your recipes. Bringing in the spray of yellow flowers gave a jolt of energy and reminded us that Spring is coming. Dispersing little pops of yellow with lemons and a few accessories in the glass cabinet help draw your eye to different parts of the kitchen. We still kept the red for interest as well.
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It’s important to showcase every feature in your home when selling. Having the bar stools at the island showed buyers how many people could comfortably gather around. Having the glass bistro set showed another area to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.
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I love the hardware on the cabinetry and the high end appliances. Ideal for any chef! It’s all those details that make your house stand out.
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This open concept opened up to the great room. We carried the same colours into this room as well.
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The homeowners bought new bookcases for either side of the fireplace to create more of a feature wall. It was actually the tall wheat in their red vase that inspired me to bring in the yellow accent colour. Putting down this ivory rug also really brightened up the room and made it feel cozy.
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New colour scheme.  It was nice to include cushions with a pattern for interest.  They also really complemented the dining room wallpaper. The yellow/wheat colour not only brightens up the house, but it also warms it up.  The homeowners loved it.
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Even though the dinning room is separated, the whole space is still an open concept.
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The dining room had so much drama with their wall paper and huge light fixture. The wallpaper was the first thing I noticed when I walked into the house and it completely set the tone and style. Originally there was only red accessories in the room but adding they yellow roses gave a pop of colour.
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The ‘wow’ factor and jewelry of the room
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The executive office at the front of the house gives the first impression so we chose artwork that was appropriate for the office and that flowed with the rest of the house. We brought in live plants for texture and energy.
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As soon as you open the front door, you see the nice cohesive flow from one room to the other which also makes the home feel larger. Since it wasn’t ‘overdone’ you notice the beautiful modern French doors, the pot lights, the gorgeous floor and the large windows.

I found it interesting that they told me that they didn’t have their other homes outside of Ottawa staged.  So many other provinces in Canada just don’t stage houses yet.  It’s almost expected here now.  They told me that if they ever move again, they will get me to do a virtual staging with them.


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