When selling your house you always want to showcase the best features as well as think of the season that you are selling your home.  In this case, the backyard was private and beautifully landscaped.  The homeowners had a gazebo directly off the family room.  In the summer this extended their living space and protected them from the sun. However, now that the colder weather is here it’s more important that buyers can see the lovely back yard

BEFORE – Since there is a lot sun exposure in this room the homeowner had a gazebo directly off the family room. This may be very functional but not the best for staging purposes. I want the furniture to face the yard to show buyers the view
BEFORE -The focus is on the TV instead of the backyard which is one of the houses best selling features.
AFTER – removing the gazebo made the room immediately feel twice as large and now buyers can see the beautiful back yard.  Moving the sofa to the long wall also gave Styled & Staged a place to hang decorative artwork for some needed colour.  The artwork was the colour inspiration for the accessories.

The homeowner painted almost the entire main floor this warm beige.  It’s ideal for re-sale.

BEFORE – the homeowner was in middle of painting the walls a neutral colour when I first visited the house. This neutral tan is an excellent choice for resale.

When you have a large room it’s important to define different sections so it doesn’t look like furniture is just ‘floating’ in the room. The easiest way to achieve this is with an area rug.

BEFORE – There was nothing wrong with this living room. However the weather is getting colder and psychologically buyers want to feel invited into a warm space. Always consider your seasons when staging your house.
AFTER – the rich brown area rug gives the room some interest and warmth as well as it helps define the ‘living’ space in this great room. The area rug also helped give a colour inspiration to the neutral colour palette.
AFTER – you always want to show off your beautiful hardwood floors however when there is so much of it you can afford to cover a portion with an area to help keep it feeling cozy
AFTER – the fireplace is now a beautiful focal point with rented artwork from Styled & Staged. This artwork pulls all the colours together and grounds the living room and dining room together

This is a very typical teenage bedroom.  It’s great that they have a space to express themselves and have all their very personal stuff around them but it’s not ideal for staging.  Buyers walk in and immediately get worried about the condition of the walls with all the nails, shelves, tape etc.


BEFORE – once you take everything off the walls you will see that it’s probably a good idea to give a fresh coat of paint. The personal items have to be packed up anyway so you might as well get a head start on it. Homeowners often find it easier to keep the rooms tidy once they have been de-cluttered. This is another way to keep stress down when you have last minute showings.
AFTER – this room has been completely neutralized for selling purposes but it’s not boring. The homeowner used the left over paint from the living room. This room is now suitable for any age or gender to move in.

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