Each room in this house had a huge transformation.  The homeowners worked extremely hard since they really understood that with today’s competitive market, it’s crucial to stand out.  This home is now move-in ready and will appeal to demographics of this home.

BEFORE – the homeowners knew right away that I was going to ask them to paint the living room another colour.  The room was way too dark and might appeal to the masses.
IMG_0582 (800x533)
AFTER – it’s hard to believe that this is the same room. Even the furniture looks completely different and brand new. The formal living room is now calm and elegant.  Adding light drapes that match the dining room drapes balance the two adjoined rooms.
IMG_9652 (800x533)
BEFORE – It’s important to have nice flow between the dining and the living room in this open concept.
AFTER -I brought in blue accents to tie in the living room colours. The lighter colours also really brightened up the rooms.  Removing all the clutter around the table made the room feel so much larger.


IMG_9648 (800x533)
BEFORE – The homeowners built a creative shelf with slate behind it but buyers would have a hard time seeing it since it was hidden with all the bottles.
AFTER – simple accessories make the slate/shelf the focal point. Adding bold metal artwork in the living room makes a statement without competing with the dining room.
BEFORE – it’s important to show the best use of an eat-in kitchen for a family home.
AFTER – we were able to use their desk to create a home office downstairs and the homeowners bought this perfect table/chairs to show buyers that the space is large enough for casual family eating with lots of extra room to spare.
IMG_9663 (800x533)
BEFORE – The fireplace is always the focal point. When staging, remove all the little personal photos.
IMG_0608 (800x533)
AFTER – Since the mantle is so high it helped keep things in proportion by adding a plant on the hearth. Removing all the toys also helped showcase the fireplace.
IMG_9661 (800x533)
BEFORE – there was no artwork in this room which made it difficult to add accent colours.
AFTER – I brought in artwork with colours that flowed with the other rooms and also their are rug. The artwork also added depth which again makes the room feel larger. The room now feels cozy and inviting. Family rooms are so important when selling your home since that is where the most time is spent.
IMG_9701 (800x533)
BEFORE – All men want their own ‘man cave’.
IMG_0591 (800x533)
AFTER – this was a simple fix by adding drapes and masculine artwork. Just because it’s a ‘man cave’ doesn’t mean that it can’t be attractive :).  You want to appeal to both males and females.  They made the window larger so I really wanted to emphasize it with the drapes.  You don’t feel like you’re in a basement at all.
IMG_9697 (800x533)
BEFORE – this used to be the kids play area but we moved all the toys to another large part of the downstairs
IMG_0596 (800x533)
AFTER – I thought this made the perfect home office since it already had the built-in bookcase and chalk board. We were able to use this desk which used to be in the kitchen. Every useable square inch adds value to your real estate!








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