The Art of Transforming Bedrooms

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I absolutely LOVE Staging bedrooms because I can be more creative and each room can be unique.  The key is to imagine who the projected buyers are going to be.  I don’t have a crystal ball, however you get a sense of who the buyers are going to be based on the location, price point, number of bedrooms and who else lives in the community etc.

Teen Rooms:

When I first saw this room, I thought it was the master bedroom.  The room is so large, it has the stunning window, the big chandelier and mature looking furniture.

IMG 8258

IMG 8260

I suggested to remove the headboard and the mirror to make the furniture look more youthful.  The chandelier was not going to be replaced so I staged this room for a teenage girl.

IMG 9031 2

IMG 9189

The fun oversized artwork replaced the headboard and the bold drapes really make the windows the focal point.  The room was painted which highlighted the peak ceiling.

IMG 9206

The wicker mirror made the furniture feel more casual and it worked well with the beach artwork.

IMG 9209

It’s the little fun accessories that give the room some character.

Work With The Furniture:

The dark furniture was my inspiration for this room.  It was important to add colours that would make the furniture look it’s best and still create a room young enough to appeal to the kids.

IMG 8242

IMG 9169 2

This dog artwork gave me a colour palette to work with.  The bold red drapes and accessories give the room energy.  By removing one of the night tables, the room felt larger and it also showed the bed was for one person and not two. You always want to show that it’s easy to get into the closet.

IMG 9191 2

The stuffed dog shows the room is for a younger person and it goes with the artwork.  I kept the linens in a solid nuetral colour to make the room feel larger. This room was painted as well.

IMG 9193

Again, items like the playful clock and red sphere ball keep the room looking young and fun.

Blank Canvas:

The homeowner wanted to get rid of all this furniture but I didn’t want to leave it as an empty room since there is a lot of value showcasing 4 bedrooms.

IMG 8250

IMG 9184

I borrowed the toddler bed from the Realtor and then I brought in all the other furniture and accessories to create a playful room.

IMG 9183

I used shears on the window since there is a house close by but I still wanted some natural daylight to come in.  It was the easiest and quickest solution since they already had the curtain rod.

IMG 9213

All the furniture is in the same proportion which makes it look ‘right’.

Master Retreat:

The homeowners didn’t like their furniture and wanted to buy a new set for their new house, but once I was done, they changed their mind. It’s amazing how accessories can completely change the look.

IMG 8226

IMG 9173

The walls were painted which instantly softened the room. They just carried in the same paint colour from the hallway and the rest of the house.  All I did was change the linens, drapes and added some artwork.

IMG 8229

IMG 9174

Since the client had beautiful oriental navy and white porcelain accessories, I chose to use the deep blue as the accent colour.  Her porcelain was dispersed all around the house, but by grouping it together, it has a much bigger impact.

IMG 9195

IMG 9200

IMG 9197

The artwork had all the right colours to tie everything together and the metal artwork above the bed gave lots of drama as you entered the room.

I hope you can use some of these tips when Staging or just decorating your own rooms.

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