Staging is all about making the MLS pictures look perfect.  Often we look at a photo and we aren’t sure why it doesn’t ‘feel’ right.  Most of the time it’s because there isn’t balance or symmetry.   When you’re in a room you don’t often notice these things but they certainly stand out in photos.

When selling your home, you don’t want any distractions.  Here are a couple of simple examples of the importance of symmetry in Staging.

Before – there wasn’t anything symmetrical about this room.
After – Everything is now symmetrical right down to the lamps. furniture, linens, drapes and artwork.


Before – nothing was lined up in this room since there was too much furniture.
After – by moving the piano we could center the sofa under the window. The matching lamps also add to the symmetry.  Adding the drapes also extended the window so it was the same width as the sofa which gave it balance.

Sometimes it’s the easiest little changes that make a huge difference.  Simply moving a desk made room ‘feel’ right.

Before – the desk was not centered under the window.
After – the room ‘feels’ more balanced once the desk and the vase with the sticks were reversed

Try these tips in your own home even if you’re not selling your house. I am guarantee you will feel more balanced!


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