I usually have very tight deadlines from the time I get a call from the Realtor to when the MLS photos are taken. This house was different…..I walked right into the middle of a kitchen/powder room renovation!  The homeowner had planned everything out but need help guiding her with choosing the final materials and what to do with the rest of the house.  To be honest, when I walked in I was completely overwhelmed to come up with a plan on the spot since I literally couldn’t see any floor or know what their furniture under tarps was like due to the renovation.  I also had to take the contractors time-line into consideration as well.

IMG_1354 (1280x853)
BEFORE – this is how I saw the gutted kitchen for the first time.
IMG_5020 - Copy
AFTER – everything was chosen to perfection. You always have to keep the budget and the value of house in mind when choosing materials for staging to make sure you recoup your investment. This is a semi-detached home.

IMG_5019 - Copy

AFTER – the buyers will love the function and all the storage in this new kitchen.
IMG_4955 - Copy
AFTER – Neutral palettes are idea for staging but you still need a pop of colour to make it memorable. Buyers can easily see that they can add any accent colour to this blank canvas
IMG_1306 (1024x683)
BEFORE – When I walked in all the appliances and contents from the kitchen were in the living room due to the renovation so it was really hard to see what I had to work with and what the actual space looked like.
AFTER – once things were slowly moved out I saw that they had one extra gray leather sofa in the living room that I thought would be more advantageous in the master bedroom. I also wanted to incorporate a new colour palett that could flow throughout the main floor.
AFTER – there was a stark contrast with the light walls, white leather sofas and the dark floor  so I needed to bring in other colours for balance. The area shag rug really helps warm up the space and also defines a long narrow room. Adding bold oversize artwork gave us the colour pallet. The blue drapes nicely framed both the living and the dining room. The white sofas definitely needed a few pillows to add depth.
IMG_4951 - Copy
AFTER – the room feels so much larger without the third sofa. Buyers can also see where they could put and entertainment unit if they wanted to. The sofa table with mirror sets the ‘stage’.
IMG_5036 (1024x683)
AFTER – it’s amazing how a simple bowl can tie all the colours together 🙂
BEFORE – it was originally impossible for me to even get into the dining room since all the new kitchen cabinets were being stored there.
IMG_5018 (1024x683)
AFTER – it was very important to update the hanging light fixture with this contemporary drum that works well with the kitchen.
AFTER – there is nothing nicer than fresh flowers on the dining room table when buyers walk into the house. If makes it feel ‘lived’ in. Just make sure the flowers fit in with the colour scheme so they don’t jump out too much.
IMG_1332 (1024x683)
BEFORE – I loved the new linens and head board but all the other furniture was mismatched and didn’t look polished.
AFTER – we brought in the dresser from another bedroom since it matched all their gray accessories. We also were able to reuse the area rug from another room. The matching lamps and fun accessories give a complete look.  The best part was bringing up the extra gray sofa that used to be I the living room so we could turn the additional sunroom into a little relaxing retreat.
AFTER – this room now feels glamourous, fresh and appeals to the younger buyers in this market. Notice how there is one table lamp on the dresser and one floor lamp in the corner since they didn’t have matching end tables. These lamps from IKEA allow you to adjust the height so they are even which creates the balance.
BEFORE – the TV was too big for the space.
AFTER – once the big TV was taken out,  the room felt more spacious and you now notice the two large closets which is what you what to showcase when you are selling your home. Storage is always GOLD.


BEFORE – this 3rd bedroom was the ‘catch-all’ room since the kids have moved out. I wanted buyers to see their young family in the space.
IMG_4973 - Copy
AFTER – using all their furniture this room was just given a facelift with a few accessories and artwork. Furniture placement is also important to make the rooms look large and practical.



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