This was a gorgeous house to begin with, but it needed some decorative accessories to maximize it’s value for resale.  We wanted buyers to see the potential lifestyle this house offers.

First Impressions

Huge bold artwork now greets you as you enter this modern house.  It really sets the tone for what buyers can expect during the rest of the tour. Since most of the walls are full windows, I wanted to capitalize on this wall for interest.

Adding Colours and Patterns

Once all the toys were removed, it was time to bring in some accessories.  The huge windows are the artwork for the house.  In order to add colour and textures, I pulled the colours from the one large artwork in the hallway.  To create interest, I added the patterned area rug.  Not only did it help define the space, it invites you into the room.  Layers of textured accent cushions and throw blankets make the room feel comfortable.  Nothing adds life to a room more than large plants.  We also brought in a modern floor lamp for atmosphere.  The room had a lot of pot lights, but it’s always important to have layers of lighting. The black chair creates the conversation triangle so the whole focus isn’t solely on the TV.


I brought in artwork to hang on any walls that I could to add colour.

Tying Styles Together

I felt it was important to tie the beautiful crystal chandelier in with the homeowners more casual dining table.  Since the fixture is hung quite high, I added a tall centrepiece and tall candles to take up some of the volume.  The fancy runner, cut glass candle holders and sparkly napkin rings really helped elevate the whole look.  Notice how the colour flows in the artwork.

Sometimes Less is More

Minimal accessories were all that was needed.  We don’t want to take away from the beautiful kitchen finishings.

Who wouldn’t want this oversized fridge and stunning granite island? Little pops of colour guide the buyer’s eye around the entire room.

Keep it Fresh and Simple

We did very little in this room, but there was still a huge change.  Artwork, lamps, accent cushions and a few accessories fo the dresser were all that were needed.  Adding the area rug at the end of the bed helped fill in the space a bit.  Once again, layers and textures are key to creating interesting photos for the MLS.  Look at the gorgeous ceiling!

All the colours flow from room to room for a cohesive look.

Little pops of turquoise from the master bedroom keep it interesting.

When staging, we are creating a perceived lifestyle, so we want it to be as luxurious as possible.

Kid’s Rooms Can Still be Fun

No one says a child’s bedroom has to be boring for staging purposes.  You just want to edit the toys so it’s not overwhelming.  Solid colour blocking like I’ve done with the cushions are less distracting for buyers, but still playful.

I wanted this room to appeal to an older child since it had the larger bed so I brought in all the appropriate accessories.

Now it’s time to address the big white elephant in the room.  I’m sure you noticed the creased bed skirt right away – at least I did. I grabbed it on the way out the door at the last minute since I wasn’t sure if they had one or not, and there just wasn’t enough time to iron it before the photographer arrived.  This is a perfect example of  how the little details can be distracting if things aren’t done properly. The camera doesn’t miss anything! Everyone always tells me I’m too picky and have high standards, but this is exactly why.

It’s the endless hours behind the scenes that no one sees before I even get to the house, that pulls everything together.  The actual set-up at the staging appointment is the quick and easy part for me. I know exactly where everything is going to be placed and where I’m going to hang everything before I get to the house. I often only get a couple of hours to transform an entire house so I have to be extremely prepared and detail oriented.

Every Single Room Was Transformed

Every room in the house was transformed.  We’ve all heard that kitchens and bathrooms sell a house.  Guess what – so do laundry rooms.  Having a large window in this main floor laundry room keep it feeling bright and airy.  All it needed was a few colourful accessories to make it memorable.

I have no doubt that this spacious bungalow with a fully finished basement won’t be on the market for long!


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