Staging a Newly Renovated Bungelow

This lovely newly renovated vacant bungalow needed a few props so buyers could get an idea of the scale of the rooms.  It’s also very important to have pops of colour for the photos to stand out on the MLS.

Empty Rooms

IMG 6765

Even though buyers could see what a great room this is with the new floors, large windows and fireplace, it needed a bit of help.

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The biggest difference was adding drapes to frame the windows and really create a whole wall as the focal point with the fireplace.

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We didn’t have a sofa to bring in but adding the oversized bold artwork showed where they could put your sofa.  The greenery and the floor lamp help frame where buyers would put their furniture.  It’s very important to have lighting that can be turned on by the main switch for when realtors bring people in.  You don’t want anyone to have to fumble finding the lights. So many rooms don’t have overhead lighting.

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Using a few props helps define the width of the room and also lets buyers know where they could place their TV.  You really get a sense of how large the room is when you see the occasional chair by the window.  The area rug also helps define the space.

Use What You Have

IMG 6766

Since this room serves not only as the eat-in kitchen but also the ‘formal’ dining room, we wanted to show it’s full potential.  When staging an empty home, you have to be a bit more creative.  This folding banquet table and parson chairs transformed this room.

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Bringing in the red drapes and artwork added the necessary pop and now both the living and the dining room flow.

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The gray counter tops and backsplash were our colour inspiration for the gray drapes in the living room and the gray table cloth in the dining room.

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It’s the little pops of colour that draw your eye from one end of the room to the other.

All the Rooms Look the Same

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Bedrooms can all look the same if there is nothing in them. It’s important for buyers to remember how many bedrooms there are in a house.

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We brought in an IKEA bed, linens, drapes, artwork, night table and lamp. I really can’t stress how much just adding drapes can change a room.

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The goal to let buyers get emotionally involved in the house.

IMG 6769

This room was just a mirror image of the other bedroom so we made them look completely different with the colour scheme.

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Even though we used the same furniture in this room, the rooms look completely different from each other.

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Master Retreat

IMG 6771

We didn’t have any beds left but the extra thick air bed allows buyers to see that their bed will fit in the room. We are not trying to fool buyers into thinking that this is a rea bed – we are just trying to help them visualize a room that they want to live in.

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It really doesn’t take much to pull a room together if you know what you’re doing.

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All the layers, textures and colours work together to create an inviting and restful master bedroom.

“Staging a house is like going to the theatre.  You only need enough props to let your own imagination tell the story”.  Heather Maduk, Styled & Staged.




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