This home was already lovely.  All it needed was a bit more colour to make the MLS photos memorable. Adding colour through accessories is the fastest and most cost efficient way to take your home to the next level.

Great Room

The biggest difference was removing all the personal small artwork and family photos.  The large canvas really made the fireplace the focal point and drew your eye upward to the cathedral ceiling.  Now it has more ‘wow’ factor. Some of you may recognize a lot of the same accessories from my previous post.  That house sold in the first day, so I figured I would just repeat a lot of the combinations :).  It’s amazing how you can use the same props, but they look completely different in each house.

The artwork gave me the colour inspiration so it was easy to carry the colours throughout the open concept space.

All the colours were pulled from the artwork and it allowed me to add more layers and textures which gives interest to a room.

We want this house to appeal to a young family so we replaced the antique dining chairs with the more contemporary leather parson chairs.  They look amazing with the antique table. We also replaced the dark brown shears with the lighter cream side panel drapes to lighten the look.

Again, we carried the same colours on to the dining table.

Every inch of your real estate is valuable and should be showcased to it’s best potential.

These large bold accessories pulled all the colours from the artwork.

Adding the starburst mirror adds drama and a strong statement as you enter the house without it being overpowering.

Simple things like replacing the brown patterned area rug with the solid ivory rug open up the space.  The cream drapes match the ones in the dining room.

Master Bedroom

This lovely master bedroom only needed a few accent pieces to make it pop.

Symmetry is very important in Staging (not necessarily in decorating) so having matching lamps gives the room balance.  The artwork gave the necessary soft colour palette and also allowed me to add more luxurious layers.

Runners and candles are a quick way to inject colour.

Kid Rooms

Since we want this house to appeal to a young family it’s important to have the kid’s rooms appeal to the kids. We moved the desk downstairs and brought in fun bright linens and accessories.

This room is so versatile for any age group now.

Since this bedroom is downstairs, it’s suited more for a teen or as a guest bedroom.  Adding the graphic fun artwork was a quick fix.  Replacing the antique chair with the guitar made the room feel more youthful.

Multi-Purpose Room

Simply rearranging the furniture opened up the space into different zones  You now have a games area, a TV area and an office. A few large accessories just finished it off.

This catch-all space is now a functional and appealing home office.  We just brought the furniture from the upstairs bedroom down here.

I’m sure this house will get snatched up quickly!


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