These homeowners had done so many renovations and upgrades to their townhome.  The floors were stunning and the new bathrooms were beautiful.  They just needed some accessories and a props from Styled & Staged to get their house listed in a hurry to capture the Spring market.  Not bad for 4 days!

BEFORE – The new hard wood floors were the first thing I noticed when I walked in the house. They had also just finished painting the entire house before I met them so they didn’t hang up any of their own paintings
AFTER- Adding colour through artwork and cushions gave the room instant interest. Hanging side drapes gave drama to the room and also gave the illusion of height since it previously felt low with the bulkhead. Adding an area rug helps define the large open space.



AFTER – the homeowers didn’t have a TV on the main floor so there was a lot space with no purpose. Now buyers can visualize where they could put either a dinning room buffet or a TV if they wanted.


AFTER – Replacing the old fan with this contemporary drum pendant really helps define the dining room space. It’s perfect to go with almost any décor for buyers. Adding a mirror opposite the window always helps reflect the light. Adding a few pops of red and gold throughout the space gives it a nice flow
BEFORE – finished basements in townhomes always adds value (especially when there are nice finishes. This room just needed a little TLC
AFTER – dispersing unmatched furniture around can help balance it and make it look like it was done intentionally. Adding end tables, lamps and artwork make the room more inviting
BEFORE – every noon and cranny is valuable space. Show it off!
AFTER – buyers will remember that this house had a little bar area now that it is showcased.
BEFORE – master bedrooms are very important for resale. They should feel like a retreat. I would say it’s probably one of the most neglected rooms in all the houses I go into.
AFTER – all Styled & Staged did was add a few pillows, artwork and accessories for the dresser but it made a huge difference

Heather creates lasting impressions transforming any house into a home. Styled&Staged take your space from from Drab to Fab!


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