This semi-detached sold in the first week after it was staged by Styled & Staged.  The house was in perfect condition.  The homeowner had freshly painted the walls before I met with them, and it was spotless.  Although it had strong wall colours it lacked the wow factor that you need for the MLS pictures.  When you have intense accent wall colours, it’s very important to incorporate that colour in the décor as well as add other colors so it’s not too over powering.

BEFORE – This room is supposed to be the living/dining room. Unfortunately buyers can not always visualize rooms the way that they would use them. Moving furniture around was the first step.
BEFORE – The office was were the living room should be and the living room was where the dining room should be
Step 1 – Staged. Furniture is in the proper place for the masses to appreciate
AFTER – Styled & Staged. Now the room has the wow factor for showings with the help of Styled & Staged rental inventory. notice how the area rug helps define the space I the open concept room


AFTER – hanging a chandelier ($122. from RONA) now let’s buyers see that this is the dining room. The dining table was borrowed since the homeowner didn’t have one. This is the time to be creative 🙂
AFTER – I used artwork and accessories with the brick tones since you could see the brick coloured wall beyond the dining room. I turned the office desk credenza into a dining room buffet so buyers could get a scale of the room.
BEFORE: This room’s main focal was the deep brick coloured wall. You want buyers to notice the rooms not necessarily just the paint colour.
AFTER – The easiest way to tie colours together is through artwork and accessories (rented from Styled & Staged). This is all open concept so the colours had to flow from rom to room. Now the fireplace is the focal point when you walk into the house.
BEFORE – the kitchen chandelier was very distracting to me since everything else was modern.
AFTER – replacing the chandelier (RONA $87) made such a huge different since it complimented the modern track lighting in the kitchen. Rental artwork and accessories also finished off the room continuing the same colours throughout.

Heather creates lasting impressions transforming any house into a home. Styled&Staged take your space from from Drab to Fab!


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