It can be a big challenge selling a house when you have students renting it and still living there.  The renters usually aren’t motivated since it’s not their house.  I can only ask them to do so much in the ‘staging’ process.  When potential buyers walk in they want it to feel like a family home and not a dormitory.  It can be hard to explain why Staging is so important.  It’s only after they see the transformation that they truly understand it.


BEFORE – This is not what you want to be your first impression when you walk in
IMG_4377 - Copy - Copy - Copy
AFTER – still using all the student’s furniture Styled & Staged was able to create a warm and welcoming living room. Rental drapes, area rug, artwork and accessories gave it a polished look.
BEFORE – the cat was clearly running this house which does not appeal to all potential buyers
IMG_4410 - Copy
AFTER – bringing down a chair from one of the bedrooms created a conversation area. Removing all the cat toys allowed buyers to see the huge picture window
BEFORE – the renters had their own idea of artwork
IMG_4415 - Copy
AFTER – adding matching drapes from the living room made the room more elegant and also widened the window. The red artwork was large and bold and gave it the needed colour. I would have loved to change the chandelier but that wasn’t possible.
BEFORE – you couldn’t see the beauty in this renovated kitchen
IMG_4430 - Copy
AFTER – removing all the clutter on the counters was a huge help. Also removing the bar with the hanging utensils and replacing it with artwork gave the pop of cheery colour for a kitchen
BEFORE – this is supposed to be the den/family room on the main floor which is a real asset
IMG_4405 - Copy
AFTER – unfortunately I didn’t have any family room furniture so we had to compromise with what we had and turned it into a den/office
IMG_4402 - Copy - Copy
AFTER – adding the solid colour drape panels and artwork made it feel more ‘grown-up’
BEFORE – This is the master bedroom but the student had already started to pack things up
AFTER – it was important to put the bed back together and make it look more appealing and inviting. Unfortunately most buyers can’t visualize more than what is in front of them or visualize the scale of the room. If they could – Staging wouldn’t be a huge business.
BEFORE – the bedrooms are huge but they had way too much stuff in them
IMG_4447 - Copy
AFTER – I was so happy that the homeowners agreed to paint this room in a neutral tan colour since the walls were really damaged with decals. Moving the furniture around and bringing in rental props pulled the room together

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