I had the privilege to work with a wonderful couple who were willing to do whatever I asked in a very short time frame.  It makes all the difference in the world when the homeowner’s are on-board with the Staging process.  I completely understand that I am asking a lot of people, but I only have their best intentions in mind.  It’s up to the homeowners to do as much or as little as they want or are able to do. As you soon as you walked into this house it felt like a loving home.  You could see that a lot of loving memories were created here with their  children and grandchildren.

Move in Ready

Their favourite colour is red.  Painting bold colours to represent your personality is perfect, but when you’re selling your house, you want to appeal to the masses.  I promised them it wouldn’t be boring, so I brought in lots of red accessories once the walls were painted.  They painted the walls one shade lighter than what is in the hallway so it would flow nicely without introducing a new colour.  It would have been too much to paint the entire house so this was the best solution.  We brought the larger area rug from the dining room to add colour and texture.  It’s a better scale the previous smaller one.

Since their oversized furniture dwarfed the room, they remove a loveseat and an occasional chair.  I want buyers to see the full potential of the room.  Creating little cozy corners help buyers visualize themselves ‘living’ in the space.  Living in a staged house is hard.  The grandchildren’s toys and chairs etc. were removed.  The intent is to showcase the house well so it sells faster and everyone can get back to their normal living until they move.

Updated Dining Room

By removing some furniture, the room opened  into the dining room. People are getting away from using the hutch on their buffet so I often suggest that they just take the hutch portion off and leave the buffet for extra storage and a working surface.

Removing the brass light fixture with a neutral black iron finish and white drum shade instantly updated the room.  The light fixture still had to be traditional enough to complement all the formal crown moulding. The drapes add softness and colour.

The room felt larger in the lighter colour plus the hutch was removed from the buffet.  Notice the area rug is now in the living room.

How to Widen a House

Removing the long runners opened up the space so the eye doesn’t only run down the centre of the house. Replacing the wooden furniture with a soft green plant added variety instead of everything lined up.  The biggest tip was to keep the wall colours similar so the colour doesn’t cut the width of the house in half.

Edit the Furniture

Adding large accessories above the mantle, make the fireplace the focal point of the  room.

These grandparents needed all the seating when family come to visit but they realized there was just too much.  Removing the loveseat and the ottoman, really opened up the room.  We brought down this ivory chair from the master bedroom. We brought in accessories and artwork to enhance their area rug.

Update Lighting

Keeping light fixtures consistent in the house makes a big difference.  Since there is a lot of brass in the house, black fixtures are a nice complement. If they had added brushed nickel it would have drawn more attention to the brass.

Since there is no artwork or drapery in this kitchen nook, we set the table to add some colour and draw your eye into the space.

The light fixture looked great with the black granite countertops.

Showcase Every Inch


It’s amazing how little it takes to give a small power room a facelift with a few accessories. You want each room to be remembered.

Stay tuned for the next blog for more Staging tips on bedrooms…




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