Staged Condo

Staging a condo is always a challenge when you are trying to appeal to the masses and different age groups.  This building is slowly starting to attract a younger generation so i wanted to neutralize some of the antique furniture and traditional artwork.

New Paint Colour:

It was amazing how painting the walls from a mint green to a light tan completely changed the look of the room and made the furniture look brand new.  It also enhanced the counter top and flooring in the kitchen. Before the condo was painted, we removed every picture and put them to the side so i could then decide which ones to put back up (even in different places) and which ones to pack away.



Remove Extra Furniture:

We also removed about half of the furniture.  I removed some of the more traditional pieces (antique writing desk, curios, tea trolley, tables, chairs etc.).  Bringing in an area rug, and coffee table helped define the interesting shape to the room.  We brought in the red chair from the master bedroom for a punch of colour and it was also my inspiration for the room.  Removing the bar stools also opened up the traffic flow so you don’t always have to go down the two stairs.



I loved the homeowner’s “Yellow Umbrella” artwork but I felt it would look better in the dining room because of it’s shape.  I brought in this oversize artwork for above the sofa to help tie in the red chair, the tan sofa, and the celery green chair.  It also made the room feel a bit more current.  The matching lamps and end tables give balance to the room. The coffee table gave us another place to display some objects to give the room interest. Notice how much better the sofa looks against the new paint colour.



By removing all the extra tables and chest, we were able to add an additional chair to create a nice layout for entertaining and conversation.



The homeowner had already started to pack things away, that is why there are boxes everywhere. There was way too much furniture in the room.




Removing the top hutch but leaving the buffet showed how large the dining room is. Moving the “Yellow Umbrella” artwork to this wall gave the room some depth and a focal point. Adding a mirror above the buffet reflected light from big window in the living room.  The homeowner had so many beautiful and precious accessories, so it was nice to be able showcase them. One of the biggest changes was removing the chandelier for a more contemporary ivory drum pendant.

Furniture Placement:



I immediately wanted to switch the direction of the bed so the head is facing the doorway and remove half of the furniture. I was happy that we could use the big red chair and ottoman in the living room instead. I brought in the artwork and some turquoise accessories to keep the room feeling calm and serene. The new soft ivory walls keep the room looking light and airy.



Again, removing half of the furniture and rearranging the furniture that was left, made a huge difference.  There were a lot of holes in the walls from all the previous artwork so it was important to paint.  The new colour is neutral for the masses.


I always encourage clients to try to reuse their things in new ways.  This artwork was previously hanging in the living room but it was perfect for this guest room since it went with the antique bed.  I had the linens and this accent cushion which had all the exact colours to pull everything together.


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