Typically we want rooms to be as neutral as possible when selling your house so it appeals to the masses but I wanted to show you two houses that I staged this week that both had wallpaper in their master bedrooms.  I couldn’t justify removing the paper since they added so much impact to the rooms.  Buyers can easily visualize what the rooms would be like if all the walls were the same colour but they might be too afraid to do try this.  All buyers need is white linens and they can move in.

Here are some reasons why these rooms work so you can try it yourself.

People are very afraid of wallpaper but when done tastefully it can have a wonderful soothing effect – especially in bedrooms.  This client chose a soft and subtle pattern for the headboard wall and then picked the deeper colour for the remaining walls.  Since the room is so large it can handle the large pattern.  The other key is that the linens are all muted shades of the wallpaper but they have lots of texture for interest.

It would have been too overpowering to wall paper any more than the client had already done.
When there’s lots of patterns keep the balance and symmetry with night tables and lamps so it doesn’t look too busy. Adding the deeper shade of plum but in the same tone gives the room interest without distracting or taking away the elegance.
The black and white artwork is the perfect balance to all the muted colours. The floral photography is modern and still has the romantic feel.  The black frames also tie in the black bedframe so it’s no longer the only black object in the room. Lots of white furniture and drapes keep the room feeling light and airy.

Smaller rooms can also handle patterned wallpaper.  The scale just has to be a bit smaller.


This room has the perfect balance of white, green and a few hits of the darker wood to ground/anchor it. Keeping the wooden floors bare adds to the freshness of the room. Simple photography in the same colours adds interest but keeps it simple. Staying within the same colour palette is what makes this room work and feel larger than it is. Both rooms are very peaceful.

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