I often walk into large homes with white walls and little furnishings.  Homeowners think it’s perfect since it’s a blank canvas for buyers but I’ve learned over the years that the masses can not visualize as much as we think they can. They need furniture to give the proper scale so they know if THEIR furniture will fit in the space and they need to have a warm inviting ‘feel’ when they walk in.  Photographing white walls is also very difficult since there is no depth perception so it’s hard to see any architectural details.

It can be a huge challenge when there is no time to paint and limited furniture and accessories available.  Styled & Staged is always up for the challenge!  Within 24 hours this house was transformed thanks to using some creativity and the rentals from Styled & Staged.

Family rooms can often be the deal breaker when selling your home since it’s the heart of the house so make sure it’s the best it can be.




I found this wall unit that was all taken apart in one of their closets. As soon as it was installed it helped define the room and the wood warmed it up.  Now buyers can see where they can put a huge flat screen TV or their own wall unit.  Bringing in artwork was the inspiration for all the colours.  The fireplace is now the focal point.

Master bedrooms need to feel as luxurious as possible.


Furniture placement can make all the difference.  Before you walked right into the side of the bed as you entered the room.  Now your eye is drawn into the room and there is better flow around the bed.  Adding the rich colours of the drapes, artwork and linens completely transformed this room.

You always want the master en-suite bathroom to compliment the master bedroom colours for a cohesive look.




Carrying the rich colours is easily done with a picture, shower curtain and few towels.  Instant transformation!  Changing the light bulbs also helped to warm up the space.

It’s rare to have such large bedrooms for kids so you want to showcase them to their full advantage.

After – one angle
After – another angle

What child wouldn’t want this huge bedroom? I brought up two dressers that were in the homeowners basement in storage. When staging your home it’s very important to be creative and re-use your own things in different ways.  They bought a desk to help give the true scale of the room and it’s something that they can use in their next home.  Styled & Staged brought in the drapes, linens, lamps, artwork and accessories.

Bathrooms are the easiest rooms to transform but they are such important rooms of the house.

Before – it’s always good to work with the colours of the structural details so buyers can see how they could decorate the room

I brought in this curtain from the other bathroom since the aqua matched the aqua tiles.  Always make the features that are staying look their best.  A few aqua towels and accessories give this beautiful bathroom a completely different look.

Now the beautiful house can make a wonderful first impression and I’m sure it won’t take long before it’s SOLD.


Heather creates lasting impressions transforming any house into a home. Styled&Staged take your space from from Drab to Fab!


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