When selling a smaller home it’s crucial that it doesn’t look like you’re busting out of it.  Buyers want to feel that your house will be perfect for THEM.  The easiest ways to make your home look larger is to remove all the clutter and to have a colour flow throughout the main living space (bedrooms can be different). Also make sure that closets are not overflowing.  With the help of Styled & Staged the house not only was staged, but it was styled!

BEFORE – This room was so full of toys that I didn’t even notice that there was a fireplace at first.
AFTER -Adding drapes enhanced the oversize window which is appealing to buyers. It’s important to make the fireplace the focal point since that is what is sold with the house. The area rug helps define the living room space from the L-shape dining room
BEFORE – Furniture placement is crucial. What will appeal to the masses? Who are you targeting as buyers?
AFTER -Once all the extra pieces are removed then buyers see the potential for their furniture. Notice how the same colours are spread throughout the space.  The artwork in the hallway feels like part of the living room which also makes it feel larger.  Matching drapes in the dining help carry the colour as well.  Your eye is drawn all around the room
AFTER – Styled & Staged used the glass tile backsplash as the source of inspiration for colour. If buyers like the tile, then they will like the rest of the colour scheme
BEFORE – Master Bedrooms are extremely important. Having additional beds/or cribs will not appeal to buyers without children. This room should feel like a retreat
AFTER – adding drapes helps add drams to the room and a pop of colour against the light walls


BEFORE – when you have architectural features you should high light them to their fullest.


AFTER – removing the crib opened up the room. Adding the artwork in the bed nook really accentuates the dormer walls and centering the bed adds balance to the room
BEFORE – It was hard to tell the scale of the room since it was mostly filled with toys
AFTER – adding long drapes adds height to the room. I used the homeowner’s previous drapes as bed linens so both beds match. The crib easily fits in this room
BEFORE – living in a ‘staged’ house is not always ideal but the larger the rooms look the quicker the house will sell and you can back to living normally quicker
AFTER – simply emptying out the room allowed buyers to see the newly renovated bathroom. Never underestimate the value of fresh towels. The teal hand towels continued the same colour flow as the tiles


Heather creates lasting impressions transforming any house into a home. Styled&Staged take your space from from Drab to Fab!


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