Sometimes it’s the little changes that can make all the difference.  When selling your house you have to be objective and see your rooms the way a complete stranger would.   Bedrooms are very personal spaces and you want to enjoy them in a way that works for YOU.  However, when you are selling your house the rooms needs to be arranged to suite the masses.

Before – This room looked great but it just needed a little bit of simplifying.
After – flipping the duvet over to a solid colour was less distracting for the photos. Adding layers of quilts and colour gave a cohesive look with the homeowner’s artwork and accessories. Balance and symmetry is very important for staging.
Before – If you know you are taking something like this attached storage unit to your new home, I strongly suggest removing it before buyers see it. They may think it’s included in the sale of the house. Remove all the negotiating hassles. Buyers also get nervous if they think there will be wall damage because of large bolts supporting the shelves.


After- The homeowners patched and repainted the walls to remove any concerns. Adding the floral artwork shows buyers that this room is suitable for either males or females and any age.
Before – This room was perfectly functional for a teenager to live in. Kid’s room should represent who is in it since it’s really their only personal space in the house
After – When staging your house never have your bed in front of the window if possible. Removing the big chair and turning the bed around completely changed the shape of the room and buyers see the full potential.



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