Bedrooms (especially teenage bedrooms) are the most personal rooms in a house. It’s where we put all our special keepsakes and ‘stuff’.  We always encourage our kids to be individual so their bedrooms are the perfect place to express that.  However…..  when you’re trying to sell your house, this is NOT ideal.  You want buyers to look at the dimensions and shape of the room instead of the personal items in the room.   You want them to notice things like the nice hardwood floors and the large closet and window.

BEFORE – This room was overwhelming with all the different colours and patterns.
Darlenetwobedrooms 002
AFTER – moving the bed away form the window really opened up the room. The headboard was covering half the window before. I always use solid coloured linens to make the room appear larger as well.
Darlenetwobedrooms 005
AFTER – adding lots of white helps keep the dark colours fresh for the Spring. Breaking up the brown wall with matching green lamps helps tie everything together. Artwork also helps brighten the room.
Darlenetwobedrooms 006
AFTER – removing all the unnecessary furniture makes the room feel larger and you now notice the beautiful hardwood floors. Buyers can see that there is lots of room for more dressers if they want.  Simple things like opening the  drapes and extending the rod so the fabric is on the wall and not the window makes the window look so much bigger and brighter
BEFORE – this second bedroom is the mirror image of the green bedroom. Once again, it was too distracting with all the ‘stuff’. Great for teenagers to live in, but NOT good when trying to sell! Decals on walls scare buyers since they aren’t sure if it’s paint or if they can be removed without having to repaint the walls.


Darlenetwobedrooms 019
AFTER – bringing in artwork and linens really helped tie all the colours together. Moving the furniture around also made the room feel larger.  Buyers can see that these two bedrooms can easily be suited for either boys or girls by just changing the accessories.
Darlenetwobedrooms 011
AFTER – symmetry is very important when staging a room for photos. Sub-consciously balanced rooms are less distracting and soothing to the eye.
Darlenetwobedrooms 016
AFTER – simplifying doesn’t mean boring! I still wanted to have a couple nice oversized pieces for interest. Buyers look at so many photos online when shopping for a house so you need to make sure each room is memorable.


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