Sometimes a room feels fine in person but when we look at it in a photo it can appear too busy.  Here are some perfect examples how a few simple changes made a huge difference.

BEFORE – There were too many patterns on the floor and the sofa. The drapes also didn’t quite match any of the greens which just made it more busy looking.
AFTER – Notice how this room is now simplified by a solid area rug and the same ivory coloured drapes. Adding the mirror above the plaid sofa is also a good solution so artwork doesn’t compete with a pattern. It also reflects the light. The ivory accents also help lighten up the darker paint colour.
BEFORE – Mirrors can be your best friend or worst enemy when decorating. This huge mirror was hung in the wrong place since all it did was reflect the adjoining kitchen and all the clutter. There was also too mcuh furniture in the room. I wanted buyers to focus on the new stunning new kitchen renovation.
AFTER – Simple artwork replaced the mirror and it also helped blend all the different shades of browns, creams and whites. Hanging the same drapes as the adjoining living room also dressed up the area since this is not only the kitchen area but also the ‘formal’ dining area. The drapes hung on the walls expand the eye visually and the window appears larger.
AFTER – this new kitchen is amazing. All the white trim on the cabinets and french doors is a nice contrast to the warm brown walls.
BEFORE – Kids love bold paint colours and that’s great but sometimes you need to add a few items to break up all the saturated colour.
AFTER – it can be very difficult to find artwork for kid’s rooms but have fun and be creative. The homeowner hung the son’s snow board right onto the wall with mirror clips. Adding the same royal blue drapes also helps break up the lighter blue. Now kids will remember this room when they see it.
BEFORE – All kids seem to love stickers on their walls. In photos for resale it only looks busy and some potential buyers get concerned that they won’t come off so I always suggest removing them. They can be reused in their next house.
AFTER – The bed works much better this way. The green dresser now serves as a night table and a dresser. New bed linens tie all the colours together. I painted a blank canvas to give the room some interest now that all the stickers are removed.
BEFORE- This master bedroom didn’t have the ‘wow’ factor that was necessary for resale. All the different lights where distracting.
AFTER – the wall colour makes sense now that there is artwork above the bed that pulls all the colours together. The artwork also allowed us to incorporate some other colours like the red drapes and the toss cushion. Adding one set of lamps instead of two definitely simplified the room.  This master bedroom now feels luxurious and put together.

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