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Let's Pull Everything Together

I created Styled Home Living for people who want to transform their home into a place they love and a space that truly reflects their lifestyle.  

I have been assisting people either Style or Stage their home from coast to coast and through the States for many years. It can be done online!  You just need the proper information and the help from someone with professional experience who has a keen eye for detail.

I’m committed to making this process fun, accessible, and practical.

Here to help!

I’ve brought my unique approach to Styling and Staging homes for two decades and earned recognition as one of Canada’s best.

It’s easy to get started, call me and see why thousands have sought out my unique approach.

Are You Ready To Love Your Home?

Starting a Decorating Project?

You have a great idea for a room, but don't know where to start or how to turn that idea into a real plan.

Struggling To Get Finished?

You've spent countless hours trying to complete your project and you're frustrated choosing styles, trends and options.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Sometimes you just want a second opinion and someone to guide you so you can start enjoying your home.

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I'm Ready To Work On A Projects!


Make Your Home Look New With Your Current Furniture and Accessories


Update Your Current Home Style Without Having To Renovate


Create Organized Functional Spaces For Easier Living


This is the perfect time to work on some home projects!

Here's How Your On-Line Package Works

Let's Talk - 30 Minute Phone Call


It’s important to know exactly what assistance you’re looking for so I know how I can help you.  I want to make sure that all of your expectations are met.  I will ask you to send me certain photos (and certain angles) of the room that you want help with.  

You Send Me Project Pics

Where It All Begins

I review your photos (cell phone photos are fine), and make sure that I have all the necessary information that I need.  I might ask for additional photos at that time from you.

I Review What You've Sent

My planning process

 I start doing some preliminary planning to prepare for our 1 hour Follow-up Phone Call.

1 Hour Follow Up Phone Call


This is our chance to discuss and brain storm a plan that will work best for you depending on your time, ability, budget, availability of supplies and resources etc. It’s important that I’m making suggestions that you can actually follow-through with.  Communication is extremely important during this call.  I suggest all decision makers be present if possible.  This step can be either done by phone, Skype, Facetime or zoom.

I Write a Step-by-Step Plan For You To Follow

Individual Advice

I email you an online report for you to follow.  It summarizes exactly what we discussed on the phone and maybe some other suggestions.  The report entails a comprehensive step-by-step format which is easy to follow.  The photos that you send to me are also in the report for additional reference. I also include any links or photos for inspiration to complement your plan. My goal is to help you love your home!


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