When buyers are looking at a country home, they are buying a whole lifestyle NOT just a house.  They take more things into account like land, accessibility by roads,  well water, conveniences, and schools etc.  In some ways the house has to look more spectacular since than an urban house since there are some compromises they have to make.  You really have to sell ALL the lifestyle features.

If potential buyers don’t like the photos on MLS then they won’t bother taking a long drive out to see it.   This home has an amazing layout and wonderful features – they just needed to be showcased a little bit more.

BEFORE – as soon as I walked into this country home I was ‘wowed’ by the huge stone fireplace. The problem was there were no other colours in the room and it was too sparse.  The large elephant artwork didn’t fit in with the country living and it didn’t add any colour.
AFTER – The homeowners bought new artwork that was more in keeping with the ‘feel’ of the home. It also had more colours to pull from. Styled & Staged added over size accents and pops of colours. The two tall lamps also help balance the room. I would have liked an area rug for more coziness but that wasn’t possible with their pets.
BEFORE – there was a large empty between the living room and the kitchen which was ideal for the kids to play but buyers need to see what the space was designed for
AFTER – the homeowners actually had this table stored in the basement so it was an easy fix to just bring it upstairs and add the same pops of colour for a nice flow.
AFTER – just a basic tidy up


BEFORE – I wanted to paint the dining room in the same colour as the living room but that wasn’t possible with the time frame.
AFTER – adding a more formal mirror, a new chandelier and ivory drapes helped make this room more inviting.  The drapes match the drapes in the kitchen.  Adding the additional leaf in the table shows buyers that there is still lots of room for a large table for great entertaining.
In order to make the blue walls work with the rest of the house, Styled & Staged brought in a runner and candles in colours from the adjoining rooms. The new artwork in the living room had a bit of the same blue to help tie things together
BEFORE – master bedrooms are always neglected!
AFTER – in order to make the en-suite look it’s best, we carried the same blue in accents into the bedroom. Replacing their chair with a real plant gave it a softer look. Adding drapes always help complete a room even if you don’t need them for privacy. Matching lamps on the night table finished off the look. They already had the artwork in another room that wasn’t necessary.  It’s amazing how bed linens can completely change the look of a room!
BEFORE – you can see that the en-suite is painted in a denimm blue colour. You always want your en-suite to flow with the master bedroom.
BEFORE – this blue just looked so intense


AFTER – some metal artwork, candles, flowers and fresh white towels help break up the intensity of it.




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