It’s back to school time and university students are looking for affordable yet stylish places to call ‘home’ while away at school.  Here is an example how Styled & Staged turned a tiny furnished studio apartment into a stylish retreat to study, sleep and enjoy some peace and quiet.  The key to the success is using the same colour scheme throughout the entire space. BEFORE- These are the furnishings that Styled & Staged were given to work with from the land lord.  Our job was to put Style into the apartment so it would be appealing for students to rent.  The landlord wanted to show renters the full potential of the unit. AFTER – Being a basement apartment I chose colours that would add some warmth.  I also had to keep in mind that the apartment could be rented to either a female or a male.  Traditionally it has been rented to males in the past.  I chose ivory, gray, black and gold as my colour palette with geometric shapes to keep it neutral yet appeal to the masses.

BEFORE – I started with a plain bed that had to serve as both a bed and a sofa


AFTER – quilts are ideal for this purpose since they are simple to make and they look tidy and tailored as well as being very durable.   Adding a variety of toss cushions gives a ‘back’ to the bed for comfortable sitting.  It’s also another way to tie in the colours from the artwork.  I chose one large square picture to add height and to keep the contemporary look that would appeal to university students



BEFORE – The landlord supplied the desk, chair and TV
AFTER – Styled & Staged just added a few accessories to make the work station more colourful and appealing.  Adding pots of greenery on the ledge breaks up the long wall and shows how you can use every inch in a small place
BEFORE – This kitchen was bright and functional
AFTER – Adding a few accessories in the same colour palette gave the space some personality
AFTER – small spaces always feel larger when you use only a few colours. Adding artwork in the right places draws your eyes to the widest parts of the room.
BEFORE – the washroom is very visible from the kitchen so I wanted it to at least blend with the other rooms
AFTER – at least when the door is open there is something attractive to look at. I even added gray and gold towels to carry the same colours through

Heather creates lasting impressions transforming any house into a home. Styled&Staged take your space from from Drab to Fab!


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