One tradition at our house is that we use wrapping paper instead of gift bags.  We put a lot of effort into wrapping since it makes the tree look so much prettier.  It’s fun to do once you have all the supplies you need.  I keep all the paper, ribbon and adornments together so it’s relaxing and we can be creative.  It’s fun to disguise what’s inside the box. No matter what’s inside you always feel like it’s something extra special just for you.

I always ask for boxes when I’m buying something but if they don’t have any I just use cereal boxes or any other box that would normally go in the recycle bin.  I reuse the boxes year after year.

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Every little package is extra special.

Every year I pick up a few rolls in complementary paper that are suitable for male and/or female.  Some are shiny, some are plain for contrast, and some have patterns.  Stores make it so easy with all their varieties.  There are colours for every home décor or style.

I saw these rolls of paper at Walmart tonight. They were $5 roll. Hope this gives you an idea of what I mean by complementing wrapping paper. I thought they would be ideal for a more rustic country feel.  Adding raffia ribbon, pinecones and greenery would look great.


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Notice how the gifts look like a big extension of the tree.  It’s like it’s wearing a big skirt.  Sometimes the biggest boxes have the smallest gifts just to keep everyone guessing.
I buy craft ribbon on sale and we reuse it year after year. The initial cost can be high but it’s a one time purchase for years of use and it can be repurposed in so many ways.  I can’t get enough ribbon.  It just makes everything look sooooo pretty.


We also make or buy special little ornaments to adhere to the gifts and we use them year after year.  It’s funny how we all have our own favourite little ornaments that we look for each year under the tree on a gift.

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Ornaments like this hand made snowflake was on a gift about 10 years ago and we repurposed it as an ornament for the tree. Everything is interchangeable and has a memory.
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I also like to use natural looking elements like artificial greenery, berries and pinecones for adorning the gifts.The Dollar stores have great ideas for this and they’re affordable. Adding plastic icicles, candy canes and sparkly snowflakes look really nice too.

Just remember to keep your empty box handy Christmas morning to put all the ribbons and ornaments back into so they don’t accidently get thrown out in all the morning madness.  You’ll be all ready for the next year.

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