It’s fun to  stage a house when the homeowners already has most of the ‘good’ stuff to work with.  Sometimes they just need a little tweaking, a new paint colour and some help with furniture placement.

When you have neutral colours on the walls then you can play with bold accent colours because buyers will realize that the accessories aren’t staying and the house is move-in ready.

Adding the colours through accessories also helps buyers remember your house when they are looking through hundreds of pictures on MLS.  You want your house to stand out!

BEFORE – I felt the furniture placement didn’t do the room any justice and made it feel smaller. I knew there were other empty rooms in the family room downstairs so I wanted to use some extra pieces down there instead.  Once we made the downstairs a TV room we could remove the TV from this formal living room
AFTER – the homeowner loved her purple area rug and really wanted to use it. Adding pops of her purple and teal everywhere gave the rooms the ‘wow’ factor but the neutral wall colours and floor kept in a blank canvas for buyers. TIP: the homeowner already had one of the teal floral artwork but I felt it was too small for the wall. I bought a second one and hung it in the different direction so it now looks like one large flower bloom.
AFTER – removing half the furniture really opened up the space and there was still lots of seating spaces
BEFORE – when you have an open concept you want to keep the same feel and colour scheme for a nice flow.  This room felt too traditional beside the living room with the modern colours
AFTER – changing the drapes brightened the room
AFTER – sometimes all it takes is something like this decorative bowl with all the colours to pull everything together. The large mirror not only brightened the room but it also served as a piece of artwork with the decorative frame.  TIP: It’s also important to keep the scale of accessorise in mind. Since this house had cathedral ceilings these accessories are very tall and large (even if they don’t look it)


BEFORE – home offices add so much value to your home so you want to make them as attractive as possible
AFTER – I simply brought in the drapes and artwork that were originally from the dining room into this room. The office now feels calm and sophisticated and it didn’t need to flow with the other rooms with the open concept
BEFORE – even if you don’t use a space, you should try to ‘stage’ as many rooms as possible to show buyers the true potential
BEFORE – other end of the room
AFTER – a coat of paint instantly transformed this downstairs family room. I filled the room with all the extra furniture from the upstairs living room.  Keeping all the same colour palette together makes this downstairs room feel warm and cozy


AFTER – they have just doubled their living space and now both the upstairs and the downstairs have enough furniture without having to buy anything

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