After I stage someone’s home for re-sale they often hire me to decorate their new homes.  I’ve had 4 clients this week ask me to give them paint colours for their new homes.  They always seem so disappointed and shocked when I tell them to wait!  It’s rare that you move into a new house without needing to buy something new for the rooms.

This is the time to buy your new area rug, or new bed linens, or new artwork that you might need as your ‘inspiration’.  There are millions of shades of paint, but only a few pictures that you love, or linens that you can’t wait to crawl into or area rugs that perfect for your house.

This area rug is the inspiration for the room. It not only dictates the colour but also the ‘style’ and ‘feel’ for the space.

Once you have your inspiration then it’s easy to pick a paint colour that compliments what you have.  Choosing the wrong shade or tone of even a safe colour like beige can be liking ‘singing out of key’.  Just one little tone can make all difference in the world :).

Just because you love a paint colour in one house doesn’t mean it will look the same in another house.  You have to consider the lighting, what colour on the floor it’s reflecting and the exterior exposure.  Look at the paint colour chip in the actual room that it’s going in.  Always put a paint chip vertical against the wall since it looks different than  if you are holding it flat (horizontal).

Most people may only get to be in their new home a couple times  for a few minutes during the ‘buying’ process.  You might remember the rooms being either brighter or darker than they normally are depending on the time of day you were in the house or even the weather outside.  It’s good to actually live in the houses for a bit to get a better sense of the natural lighting.

Once you’ve chosen your source of inspiration (artwork, area rugs, linens, furniture, drapes etc) then it’s easy to add accessories like vases, candles, table linens, throw pillows, and personal items in the coordinating colours.  A whole ‘story’ will develop in front of your eyes and you will be so happy.

Be patient and you won’t be sorry.


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