When I first walked into this Senior Adult Living Condominium the first thing I noticed were the wall to wall mirrors and the sea foam carpet.  ONE of my jobs as a Stager is to advise homeowners on what I think needs to be done to appeal to the masses.  This homeowner didn’t want to remove the mirror or the carpet so I had to figure out a way to work with them and enhance them.  Painting the walls a warmer cream and all the trim in white gave the room an instant boost.  It’s always important to predict who your buyers are so you know how to appeal to them. Just because this condo is geared for seniors dosen’t mean that they don’t want style and a fresh start!!!!

When dealing with a room full of mirrors the best rule is….. SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY AND SIMPLIFY SOME MORE 🙂

BEFORE– Although the antique mirror over the fireplace is a stunning family heirloom there is no benefit of having one mirror opposite the other.  There was also too many chairs in the room.
AFTER – the new chandelier set the tone for the whole house. Suddenly the room had elegance with the colour palette of cream, sea foam, black and taupe. We really had to appeal to the age group of buyers for the adult living condominium and still give as much style as possible.
AFTER – adding elegant artwork over the fireplace really made it the focal point.  The tall items also show cased the height of the tall ceilings.  The artwork had just enough of the sea foam colour like the carpet and also a bit of blue so we could focus on the blue as well.
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BEFORE – Because of the mirrors it’s important to simplify the room since you get the reflection.  The light or presence over the table wasn’t giving enough light for the room.
AFTER– removing several pieces of unnecessary furniture and little pictures the room didn’t seem as cluttered even with the mirrors.
AFTER – It was so important to pull all the colours into every room since everything is visible.
AFTER – I still wanted artwork in the room but I wanted it over the buffet to make a nice little vignette. Light weight canvas artwork was easily hung using 3M Velcro that peels off without any damage. We couldn’t find any 3M hooks on time but the Velcro worked just as well. This was a great solution to break up all the mirror.


BEFORE – Wallpaper borders instantly date the decor of any home.  The light fixture was also hung on a long chain since it wasn’t centered over the table.
AFTER – removing the border and painting the walls the same paint colour as the rest of the house gives the whole floor a nice flow. Since you can see the kitchen from all other rooms it was important to keep the same black accent colours. I added artwork that would appeal to that age group but it still had a modern feel to it.  Adding a flush mount ceiling fixture kept the room feeling more open.
BEFORE – this large room was too cluttered with extra dressers.  The blinds were functional but looked dated.
AFTER – A fresh coat of paint and crisp linens completely transformed this room. Removing the ceiling fan made the ceiling appear higher. Bold artwork kept the room simple yet interesting
BEFORE – The entrance way is the first impression.  I wanted to glam it up to reflect the rest of the house.
AFTER – the white trim really stood out once the walls were painted the cream colour. Adding some bold graphic elements like the runner, artwork, mirror and pillows gave the hallway some drama and interest. It now feels like a room instead of just a walkway






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