Sometimes homeowners try to do too much to get their house ready to sell before Styled & Staged gets there.  They often get rid of big items that are really important for staging.  Thankfully these homeowners were absolutely amazing and willing to do anything to make their house appeal to the masses.

BEFORE – when I first walked into the house I immediately noticed there was no dining table. They had just sold it since they didn’t need it for the new house.
AFTER – we brought the table from the kitchen into the dining room since it is the first room you see so it’s needed the ‘wow’ factor. Removing the second area rug under the tale also lost the ‘bowling alley’ affect. I wanted to keep this room formal so removing the large TV and rearranging the furniture made a huge difference. Once the sofa was moved we brought down their sofa table from the family room to fill up the space. They rented some artwork and accessories from Styled & Staged to pull everything together.  Now buyers aren’t as distracted by all the ‘little’ things.  Keep it simple.
BEFORE – I love this huge kitchen. The table was moved to the dining room and all the ‘little’ pictures and accessories were removed since they’re distracting in photos.
AFTER – the homeowners were amazing and bought this perfect bistro table and chairs on Kijjii the very next day since the kitchen really needed the space filled as well. They will either take it with them to their new house or they can always sell it for the same price as they bought it. Buying used furniture is ideal for staging to keep costs down and you can pick it up immediately.  Buyers are not buying the  furniture but they like to see how rooms should be set up.  Notice the larger artwork as well and how all the colours flow.
BEFORE – this huge family room looked fine but they stored this TV and put the table in the living room. I felt the artwork was too small and so was the coffee table.
AFTER – the larger TV and stand from the living room look much better in this room. I also brought in oversized artwork since the furniture scale was so large.
BEFORE – I always suggest removing family portraits and family photos for stagings. I wanted the fireplace to stand out since that is what buyers are buying.
Keeping with the ‘feel’ of the house I added bold artwork to draw your attention to the fireplace and simplified the whole area.
BEFORE – this front bedroom was being used as an office but I want a family to walk through the house and have a child claim this to be their room since it’s much bigger than the 3rd bedroom.
AFTER – putting the spare bed in this room shows the potential as a bedroom. Removing the drape panels made the bay window look so much larger. This room is now good for either gender and any age. They even get a view of a pond 🙂
BEFORE – this spare room didn’t have any personality and felt a bit cramped with the large bed.
AFTER – The guest room is now the office and it looks so much bigger than having a huge bed sitting in the middle of the room.  It was amazing how willing the homeowners were in switching the two rooms.




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