Sometimes it just takes some minor changes and using what you already have in another room to create a whole new look.  Always try to get into the buyers headspace when staging your home.   My job is to work within the homeowner’s time line, budget and abilities.

BEFORE – The furniture was in the right place but the scale of artwork wasn’t big enough and the room lacked colour. The adjoining kitchen was a bright red so I wanted to continue the flow from room to room
piper living room
AFTER – we exchanged the previous brick orange drapes with red drapes from another bedroom to match the kitchen. They rented my oversized artwork and accessories to complete the look. Adding the ivory area rug brightened up the room and it also helped defined the open concept space. The floors were very dark so their dark wood furniture just disappeared before.
BEFORE – it’s harder to sell your house when you have large pet cages so the faster you can sell the better! Unfortunately cages are never a selling feature so they need to be removed for photos and showings. This is where you have to work closely with your Realtor to agree on the amount of time needed before a showing
BEFORE – although these pictures where in the right colour pallet I wanted to create a more sophisticated dining area. We were able to use the artwork in a ‘kids’ room upstairs to keep costs down
piper dining room
AFTER – this dining room now looks spacious and buyers can visualize all the different furniture placement. The red is still the dominate colour but the artwork also tied in al the different wood tones. Remember, for staging, larger artwork is ALWAYS better
piper mainfloor
AFTER – you can see how all the colours flow from the red kitchen, the dining room and through to the living room
BEFORE – this room was previously a guest room but it didn’t have any personality. We needed the red drapes for the living room so once they were gone I had a blank canvas. The furntirue at the end of the bed also made the traffic flow too cramped so we removed the top cube and turned the bottom long cube upright to make a standing book case. This allowed more room walking around the bed
AFTER – I had a blank canvas once the drapes were removed so I started with bringing in artwork as the colour inspiration. I wanted the room to be different from the other bedrooms so it would be remembered. Yellow is such a nice combination with gray and it looks fresh and airy for the summer months. If they were listing in the winter I would have chosen cozier colours.
This bedroom needed some colour and personality. Gray can look very cold if other colours are not added to it.  The bed also limited the visual floor space since it was right up against the door.
piper boys room
AFTER – since this room had a single bed I wanted it to look more youthful so buyers could imagine their younger children in the space. To keep costs down we reused the artwork from the dining room. Adding the primary coloured drapes and pillows were all that were needed to finish it off. We also rearranged the furniture so you see the bed first as you enter the room. Removing the top part of the desk also allowed us to put the desk in front of the window
IMG_0922 (1280x853)
BEFORE – I really liked how the large black and white artwork broke up the intensity of the green walls but unfortunately they content was too personal for staging a home.
picper master
AFTER – bringing in large white/black floral canvases helped to neutralize the room for the masses. There just wasn’t enough to do any painting in this house.





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